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Bathroom wall lights

When we talk about bathroom lights the wall is the element which comes to mind first. Indeed, it is present most of the time around the bathroom mirror. Because it offers a good brightness in order to ideally prepare before going out or when you wake up. And makeup as in the daylight, we invite you to choose bulbs that broadcast a neutral white. We also offer our various models of lightings that offer a warm white temperature as desired.

Nowadays, the bathroom has become a room full of the House. Indeed, we are average spends two hours a day, as well the morning before going out at night back home. The bathroom wall figure prominently among the public's choice to illuminate this important room for our health and our well-being. You should know that she meets the main expectations of all when it comes to bathroom lighting. This includes to provide optimal lighting it while highlighting, and positively influencing our morning mood, and so of the day. Besides, this type of light can play a number of roles in the water room lighting.

A light source to create a subdued atmosphere

Most of the time, the applied wall bathroom is used as functional lighting. This means that it is intended to offer a close enough light from the light of day to prepare yourself and look you in your mirror in an ideal way. However, with a little ingenuity and tips, it is possible to exploit it as as emphasis, or even mood lighting. And, to complete the general lighting of the bathroom. Indeed, you can opt for a smart lighting that provides both sufficient light to prepare in the morning and who create an atmosphere of subdued in the room.

There are also a wide variety of bathroom wall to align with the decoration of the room. Between the models to the ethnic, industrial, design, sleek, classic, vintage style, contemporary or even futuristic, the possibility is really very broad. Similarly, you have the choice regarding the shape of this luminaire for bathroom which is at the forefront of trends. Cylindrical, round, oval, rectangular, or in the form of lampshades, designers vie imagination in order to offer that truly meet your tastes and lamps which are in agreement with the décor of the bathroom. Similarly, the materials with which the lamp is manufactured are varied. If chrome is an important success, aluminum, metal, glass and other materials also have their followers.

Eliminate shadows through the bathroom sconces  

Most of the rooms do not have windows or openings, except the access door to the room. This means that there are a number of grey areas. It is important to evenly illuminate so that water actually becomes a place to relax and relaxation. It is therefore useful to consider lamps that provide optimal lighting and without dazzle you. In, they must perfectly match the décor of the room, or even bring a plus to the aesthetics of the latter.

It is in this framework applies bathroom looks like an interesting alternative. Indeed, this type of luminaire allows to effectively illuminate every corner of the room. Furthermore, it fits with happiness to the decoration of the bathroom, whether contemporary, rustic, vintage style, modern, etc.
It is recommended to install your lights with the broadcaster facing down. On the one hand, this allows to accurately target the shadow areas. On the other side, it gives the opportunity to discreetly inform a cabinet as a niche shelf or dresser.

An applies to evenly illuminate the bathroom mirror   

Nowadays, it is more common to set up a bathroom wall to illuminate the mirror. Indeed, it is certainly the most optimal solution for a sufficient brightness for this key element of the bathroom is the mirror. It is recommended to opt for a color temperature which varies between 3,500 and 4 500 Kelvins to obtain a neutral white that is perfect for this area. Indeed, avoid the light that illuminates the mirror or your face is completely white or completely yellow. And this, in order to allow you to make you up or wash with forecast.

Where your mirror is narrow and long, you can implement a wall bathroom above the mirror as if it were a strip. In this way, you have a light enough over your sink. The other option is to place them on each side of the mirror in order to obtain a greater concentration of light. There are a variety of models to meet your tastes while bringing a certain harmony in the piece. This is why adjustable luminaires or articulated arms are a huge success currently. It is also possible to be tempted by the wall bathroom with switch models or fitted with power sockets. Very useful to connect at the same time your hair dryer or electric razor. Finally, if you have a large mirror, it would be wise to diversify the sources of light, both above as on the sides of the mirror.

Wall bathroom: a decorative element full

In terms of luminaire for bathroom, appliques prominently as well with the professionals of the sector and the public. It is true that it is possible to choose the one that meets their tastes and which fits perfectly with its budget. In addition, you can easily find the model that fits more to the style of your bathroom decoration. So, if you want to make a rather Bohemian atmosphere, opt for a bath style artist's dressing room wall. You can even give more personality to your decoration by installing your fixture in an original way, i.e. vertical instead of horizontal.

You can still fall for Golden lights that display a graphic if you want to highlight a decoration trends and modern design to your bathroom. You want to guide your decoration on the vintage, in this case, do not hesitate to opt for bulbs filament around the mirror in order to accentuate this plunge in the past. They will be associated with judiciously placed LED bulbs above and on the sides of the mirror. Anyway, you are spoilt for choice with regard to wall bathroom models to beautify your bathroom.

The standards for the bathroom sconces

As for all luminaires intended for wet rooms, it is important to note that their installation should always be entrusted to professionals in this field. Indeed, the proximity of the water with electricity presents a great danger for all people using the bathroom. It is therefore essential that any electrical installation standards in force to ensure the safety of the entire household. This is the standard NF C 15-100 that defines 3 volumes where appliances like lamps for bathroom which are allowed or not and according to their class of protection which varies from 1 to 3 and degree of protection (IP).

1 the 3 volumes

Area 0: in the shower tray or bathtub. No light is allowed in this area.

Area 1: above the receiver or the tub, up to a height of 2.25 m. and class 3 powered fixtures on very low voltage (TBT) 12 V maximum as well as models of electric water heaters horizontal accumulation and installed as high possible are the only ones allowed in this area. With respect to the type of protection, you should opt for devices with an IPx5 against water jets and an IP44.

Zone 2: in a space of 0.60 m around the shower or the bath, up to a height of 2.25 m. the luminaires in class 2 and heaters and electric water heaters to accumulation of class are only allowed in this area. Regarding the protection of these electrical appliances index, he comes to the IPx4 and the IP44.

Area 3: space of 0.75 m above the volumes 1 and 2, and up to 2,40 m from the boundaries of volume 2. Only electrical devices of class 1 or 2, as the bathroom, are allowed. However, they must be protected by a differential device of high maximum sensitivity of 30 my. We need to install only lights or electrical appliances rated protection IPx1 or IPx3.

2. the specific case of the mirror bathroom wall.

It should be noted that appliques may very well offer good lighting for the mirror while keeping one side decorative very interesting. The color of light that is suitable for this piece depends on the purpose in the use of fixtures. Do you need this artificial light makeup properly before going to work in the morning? Or do you simply want to benefit from a soft light to relax in your bath? In the first case, it is recommended to cover a lamp that gives a neutral white light from 3 300 to 5 300 Kelvins. If it's just to brush your teeth before going to bed, a warm white light which does not exceed 3 300-Kelvin is more than enough.

It is still possible to install a dimmer to change the intensity of the lighting according to your needs or desires of the moment. Also, some people do not hesitate to use lamps with multicolored function in order to bathe in an atmosphere of color that is different every time. Moreover, it should be noted that the lamps for bathroom can settle in several ways on the mirror. If some models to snap or attach directly to the latter, others must be screwed on the wall around the mirror. Finally, there are models of bathroom wall who settle simply thanks to a suction cup.  As to their ignition mode, we can use either wall switch or a switch attached to the lamp. And for your convenience, now found in trade in models of luminaires that can be turned on and off via a remote control.

Some tips for the use of a mirror bathroom wall

It is recommended to install the light fixture above the mirror in order to obtain optimal lighting. It is still possible to opt for the implementation of two sconces on the sides. The important thing is the mirror to be lit evenly and that the light cannot dazzle you. You can still opt for a bathroom mirror for swivel bracket in order to benefit from greater flexibility. If necessary, you should not hesitate to use a cache to direct the light to the mirror. Finally, professionals recommend to opt for satin glass or Opal lights to enjoy optimum brightness.   

Our catalogue of luminaires for bathroom is quite provided with regard to the choice of colors or materials such as chrome, brushed stainless steel, brass, metal, transparent or opal glass, etc. It is also possible to be seduced by one of our many models of LED lights for bathroom. In this way, you can realize substantial savings with regard to your energy bill.

In the case where you can't decide for any particular model, we are entirely at your disposal to advise you or guide you in your choice.  

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