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How to install a bathroom wall light?

Every room in the house needs efficient lighting, including the powder room, where brightness will play an important role in daily life. Here, the right light bulb flatters your complexion when it comes to make-up, ladies, while the right bathroom fixture allows you, gentlemen, to shave comfortably. If it often tends to be small, windowless, and therefore lacking in natural light, here's how the bathroom light fixture can make it pleasant to use.

How to properly distribute each bathroom fixture?

Generally, a washroom should have three layers of light, evenly distributed for a functional and decorative result, but above all for optimal use of the premises.

Specifically, you will need to obtain :

- A main lighting on the ceiling: to illuminate the whole room ;

- A task light (for example a bathroom light): for make-up, shaving, showering, etc...;

- Atmospheric lighting: to create a pleasant atmosphere, conducive to relaxation.

Electrical safety standards in the bathroom

Since the powder room is a wet room, the electrical installation of the premises must comply with current safety standards. The same applies to bathroom lighting, which must meet strict standards. For example, you will have to buy a wall light with a Protection Index (IP) of IP44, i.e. protected against solid bodies larger than 1mm and protected against water splashes in all directions.

Here's how to properly distribute each luminaire according to the area to be lit. In fact, the specialists have divided this room into four distinct "volumes", according to their degree of electrical danger:

The volumes of the bathroom

Zone 0: in the shower tray or bathtub. No light fixtures are allowed in this zone. In such a case, we recommend a recessed spotlight above the zone, if the ceiling height allows it!

Zone 1: above the bathtub or bathtub, up to a height of 2.25 m. Only Class 3 fixtures supplied with a maximum of 12 V very low voltage (VLV) and horizontal electric storage water heaters installed as high as possible are permitted in this zone. As far as the protection class is concerned, you must opt for fixtures with an IPx5 protection class against water jets and an IP44.

Zone 2: in a space of 0.60 m around the shower or bathtub, up to a height of 2.25 m. Class 2 light fixtures as well as class electric heaters and storage water heaters are only permitted in this zone. The protection class of these electrical appliances is IPx4 and IP44.

Zone 3: 0.75 m space above volumes 1 and 2, and up to 2.40 m from the boundaries of volume 2. Only Class 1 or 2 electrical appliances, such as bathroom wall sconces, are permitted. However, they must be protected by a high-sensitivity differential device with a maximum sensitivity of 30 Ma. Only luminaires or electrical appliances with a protection class of IPx1 or IPx3 should be installed.

Protection class IP - Bathroom wall lamp

How to choose your bathroom sconce?

Bathroom sconce for task lighting

Looking for a mirror sconce? Be strategic, because it is without a doubt the place where you will wash. Here, your bathroom fixture will have to deliver lighting that is neither too white nor too yellow, so, neutral white or a warm white, close to daylight. Your bulb should deliver a color temperature between 3500 and 4500 Kelvin. Use the filter of our online store to choose your bulbs according to their color temperature!

Regarding the direction of the light (the light beam), your bathroom lamp will have to diffuse the light upwards or else, a directional bathroom fixture with a double light head, one that goes up and the other one that goes downwards.

Good to know

Preferably choose a soft light that will not dazzle the occupants of the bathroom. Ask us for advice on how to obtain a high color rendering index (CRI: over 90), which is perfect for your bathroom wall mirror!

The sdb bracket for ambient lighting

While the bathroom luminaire discussed here is generally used for task lighting, it can also be used to create a specific ambience. It can, for example, complement a light mirror by being installed on either side.

You can also opt for a bathroom wall light with plug or a bathroom wall light with switch, to be used occasionally, if you take a bath. In such a case, respect the safety distances between the bathtub and your bathroom wall light!

install a bathroom sconce

The sconce to light a bathroom that is too dark

Since the bathroom is usually a small room with no openings, use this sconce to your advantage to eliminate areas that are too dark. To improve the general lighting, use, for example, a bathroom LED strip light or bathroom mirror LED to provide not only an interesting decorative touch, but also an efficient light source.

How to install bathroom mirror lighting?

Your bathroom mirror should be evenly illuminated so that users are not dazzled.

We advise you to install a bathroom LED wall light above the mirror to achieve optimum lighting. You can complete it with a pair of wall lights, installed on either side of the mirror.

With the bathroom wall light for pivoting mirror, gain flexibility. Do not hesitate to use a cover to direct the light towards the mirror.

Finally, professionals recommend opting for opal or satin glass fixtures to enjoy optimal luminosity.  

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