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Bathroom ceiling lights

Most of the time, the Bathroom lights are quite small since they averaged 5 sqm. Moreover, a large majority of them do not have window or opening to the outside. However, in general, we are spends about two hours a day, as well the morning before you leave the House at night before going to bed. Therefore, it is important to evenly illuminate this place while avoiding an aggressive light. The ceiling lamp is called upon to play a major role insofar as it offers a functional light while allowing to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the room.

How to choose sound bathroom ceiling light ?

It is important to note that the choice of the luminaire depends on two essential criteria, namely the size of the room and the type of lighting used. Even if you use a specialist in this area to install this type of luminaire, it is essential to consider when choosing your bathroom lighting.

  • The ceiling light Depending on the size of the room

When it comes to choosing his light, he should first focus on the surface of the piece you want to illuminate. Indeed, it makes sense to adjust the lighting on the surface of the water room. However, the bathrooms are generally small in size, around 5 m² on average. Therefore, choose a luminaire that offers a homogeneous and lighting that leaves no dead spots.

Remember that it is directly attached to the ceiling, as its name suggests. It ensures general lighting of the room, without however being able to illuminate all of it. In other words, always associate this main lighting with spotlights or appliques. Furthermore, it should be noted that for the sake of aesthetics and efficiency, the size of the ceiling light must be in proportion with the room.

  • The ceiling light Depending on the type of lighting LED

When it comes to choosing his light, he must keep in mind that we have the choice between two types of lighting. On the one hand, we have ceiling lights LED spotlights that are particularly suitable for parts of passage as the corridors leading to the bathroom. On the other side, there are the LED ceiling light design which are more suitable for parts of life like the kitchen or the living room. For the special case of the bathroom, it's LED ceiling light fixture that is most appropriate. Indeed, it offers a sufficient brightness in the room while avoiding to dazzle the eye, which is ideal for the use of this room.

Design ceiling lightCentral to the water room lighting

We must remember that, as its name suggests, it attaches to the ceiling of the bathroom. Indeed, it is often used as main water room lighting. It is often little bulky and very discreet, all providing optimum brightness in the room. However, it should be noted that its lighting does not always cover all the bathroom. Where the need to associate other fixtures, such as spots or wall lights. In addition, it should be avoid to choose cloth or paper. These materials are generally difficult to maintain and are quite fragile, because this type of material is not suitable for damp rooms. On the other hand, made up of glass lamp is the most suitable for the bathroom because he is not afraid of moisture and is easy to clean.

The classes and volumes for the luminaire ceiling light.

When it comes to choosing the fixture that suits most to your bathroom, do not neglect safety standards that must be followed to the letter in order to remove all risks. Thus, there are 2 categories of insulation for all electrical appliances class. Class 1 is simple insulation and necessarily requires a grounding. As for class 2, she presents a double insulation and does not ground. Finally, class 3 does not planting also claim but use in very low voltage (TBT), i.e. less than 50 V.  On the other hand, the standard NF C 15-100, which has been modified there shortly, sets 4 volumes for use of bathroom fixture. In other words, there are 4 areas of security, each of which has its own electrical installation requirements.

No electrical appliance is allowed in the volume 0, apart from those which are directly installed in the shower stall and who have an adequate degree of protection. As a reminder, this space is inside the bathtub and the shower receptor. With respect to electrical appliances and switches allowed in volume 1, only those who work on very low voltage, which is under 12 V, and have an IP X 5 and therefore protected against water jets are allowed in this space. It should be noted in passing that volume 1 corresponds to the dimensions of the bathtub or the shower in width, and this, to a height of 2.25 Mr. electric appliances such as light fixtures that can be installed in volume 2 must all belong to class 2 and possess at least an IP X 4, which is to protect against splash water. Note that volume 2 adds a width from 0.60 m to volume 1, while keeping the same height. Then volume 3 cannot accommodate that class 1 devices that have at least one IP X 1, which means that they are protected against falling vertical drops of water. Remember that this space corresponds to the rest of the bathroom.  

The main criteria for choosing a bathroom ceiling light

There are a number of criteria that allow you to choose ceiling light that responds effectively to your needs. The first of them is the size of the bathroom. If you have only a small space, it is better to opt for a light quite bulky. On the other hand, if your bathroom is spacious enough, should not hesitate to choose a large ceiling lamp. On the other hand, you must pay attention to the type of lighting that is suitable for your fixture. If the halogen lamp gives a soft and warm light in the room, the incandescent light bulb will illuminate it evenly. But increasingly, the built-in LED light is chosen as it allows not only to save on his electric bill while providing optimum lighting with a thickness reduced clutter.

The other criteria for choosing this type of lighting for your bathroom's style of decoration that already exists in the bathroom. Indeed, it is normal to adapt this fixture with the décor of the bathroom in order to create harmony and cohesion of all. Nowadays, it is also easy to find in trade a ceiling light modern, vintage, classic, rustic, retro, industrial, modern, art deco, etc. Similarly, a wide choice is available with regard to its form.

Rectangular, cube, square, ball, you actually have many choices. This is the case also for materials with which your bathroom lighting is made. It is notably of glass, aluminium, wood, plaster, brass, plastic, the opaline and other metals. Finally, your budget is the limit, knowing that there are different types of lamps that are suitable for each scholarship. The most affordable models revolve around €20 while you can find a cheap ceiling light at a price around €500.

The different types of ceiling lights.

Given the advanced technology, there are a number of lights intended to illuminate the bathroom. This includes to:

  • The glass ceiling light

Today, glass is a great way to light up the room with a subtle, soft light without however increasing the water room. Besides, there are models of ceiling ball glass with adjustable height in order to better adapt the luminaire to the available space in the bathroom.

  • The metal ceiling

Real alternative to the glass, metal ceiling luminaire is a bestseller in what fixtures for the bathroom. It is usually made with industrial materials, which gives them a nice look while being an extreme solidity. This luminaire also gives a warm light in the room while keeping a more than interesting decorative aspect. To support the contemporary style of your bathroom, choose copper or silver ceiling light. But if you want to brighten more your bathroom, choose a light fixture with a vibrant color.

  • The recessed LED ceiling light  

Are fixed directly inside the ceiling of the bathroom fixtures that it not there more space between the lamp and the ceiling. They are distinguished by their great discretion and arrive perfectly blend with the décor of the room. This means that the luminaire is particularly decorative, as you can opt for luminaires with chic and gorgeous crystals of many artistic designs.

  • The ceiling spot

This type of spot ceiling light is usually used when there is only an electrical outlet in the center of the room, but do want to bring light to several different areas in the room. This light is very advantageous since it provides guidance and targeted ambient lighting. In addition, it offering a wide choice in regards to the decorative style. On the other hand, it is easy to replace the bulbs or LEDs in case of need.

LED ceiling light design or industrial ceiling?

Today, you have many choices when it comes to bathroom fixture. However, it is recommended to align better with the style of the room. Whether it's brass, rounded, chrome, bronze, black, white, nickel, silver or anthracite, do not hesitate to show your taste year adapting your ceiling with the décor of the bathroom, in particular the style and color of the fitting. The size of the fixture must also be in accordance with the room where it will be installed.   

This also allows him to create a warm atmosphere in the room. Indeed, it is essential that you can see both during the day and night. However, for an atmosphere conducive to well-being and relaxation, you must opt for a luminaire that provides an indirect luminous flux. The ideal is that the brightness it offers closest of the light of the day – around 3 000 Kelvins. Be aware, however, that this type of facility is preparing upstream, i.e. during the phase of construction of the House. Indeed, you must previously pull the cables so that they can more easily connect the luminaire and fix it on the ceiling of the bathroom.

It is also possible to appeal to a dimmer to change the brightness of the room. The controls this equipment, whether it is a remote, a switch or a button to decrease or increase the lighting. It is even possible to find a LED ceiling light with remote control if your electrical system does not allow you to install a wall dimmer. On the other hand, you must determine the luminous power of your fixture. If you want to get a brighter light, you can opt for a light fixture with transparent glass. On the other hand, if you want a soothing and gentle lighting, we recommend a ceiling fitted with opal glass lamp. It is also possible to be seduced by a ceiling spot equipped with LED spotlights to disseminate an effective light and who brings a real stage atmosphere to the room.


If you need efficiency and elegance to the bathroom lighting, check out our catalog which is a real Ali Baba Cave with regard to bathroom fixtures. Our bathroom IP44 lights perfectly meet all requirements and satisfy everyone. Since the rotating spots up to the sconces bath passing by the spot ceiling light, a range of waterproof luminaires that are projections and moisture resistant are at your disposal. Discover our wide range of bathroom lamps metal, acrylic, steel or glass and lighting offers both powerful and hot. Regarding the finish, you have the choice between pole, white or chrome him. Can you still resist the beauty of a square of modern style lamp that illuminates your bathroom? Or the economy on your invoice of electricity obtained thanks to a beautiful white LED lamp? It is also possible that you were dreaming of a strip installed above your mirror wisely. No matter what your preferences, we have a wide variety of lamps for the bathroom and that will satisfy all your requirements. Do not hesitate to ask us all the questions you want, either by telephone or by e-mail. We are completely at your disposal to give you advice and help you.


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