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Showing 1 - 60 of 75 items

The bathroom ceiling light: an essential light to balance this room

The bathroom ceiling lamp is too often one of those fixtures that are chosen a little hastily, often because the room where it will be installed is small, considered to be of little interest. However, on closer inspection, it should be given more importance, because the bathroom is generally devoid of daylight, with no windows or openings to the outside. In addition, people spend about two hours a day in the bathroom, both in the morning before leaving the house and in the evening before going to bed. This article has two objectives: to encourage you to carefully select your ceiling light and/or bathroom fixture while answering the most common questions for optimal use every day.

Bathroom ceiling light

The importance of good lighting in the bathroom

The bathroom must have functional lighting that complies with safety standards. In addition to helping you see, the lighting fixtures that will equip this room must create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, for example, when you take a bath.

You shouldn't be afraid, for example, to add a designer bathroom hanging lamp to add a stylish touch, as you would in your bedroom or living room.

To sum up, your bathroom ceiling light will not only light this room, but it will also embellish it!

Safety standards in your water room

In general, electrical appliances must comply with strict safety standards, even more so if they are intended for use in damp areas.

As far as the bathroom is concerned, the specialists have taken care to divide this room into volumes (or zones) in order to guide the public when purchasing electrical appliances and lighting fixtures. Thus, for everyone's safety, you will not install a bathroom chandelier or a designer bathroom ceiling lamp in an area that requires a shower ceiling lamp.

What type of bathroom ceiling light for each area of the bathroom?

As this is a naturally humid area, it is important to choose meticulously the luminaires that will equip this room. Specialists have divided it into 4 zones (volumes) of degree of dangerousness:

Volume 0: this is the interior shower space or shower cubicle. Here, for obvious safety reasons, a low-voltage luminaire (maximum 12 V) will be required. You will choose, for example, a bathroom spotlight with a minimum Protection Class (IP) X7.

Volume 1: this zone includes the walls and ceiling above the shower or bathtub and over a height of at least 2.25 m or at the level of the shower head. The Protection Index must be IPX5, therefore against water splashes.

Volume 2: this zone includes the walls and ceiling around zone 1, but with some differences: the height is 3 meters and up to 60 cm around the volume. You will choose, for example, a bathroom ceiling light ip44.

Volume 3: this zone can be equipped with 230 V outlets, provided that they are equipped with automatic source disconnection protection. For this purpose, your electrician will have to install a high-security earth leakage circuit breaker of 30 mA maximum. You will choose, for example, an IP20 bathroom LED ceiling light or an ip44 pendant light.

Bathroom electrical zones

How to choose a bathroom ceiling lamp?

To choose your bathroom ceiling lamp, you will have to consider two essential criteria :

- The size of the room ;

- The type of lighting used

Here are two practical cases to illustrate the subject, suspension and LED ceiling light.

Bathroom suspension according to the size of the room

Lighting becomes effective when the size of the area to be illuminated is taken into consideration. The bathroom is naturally no exception to this rule, requiring a homogeneous luminosity, which leaves no shadowy areas and which will also create an atmosphere.

In the case of a bathroom ceiling fixture, it will be, as its name suggests, directly attached to the ceiling. Thus, it will ensure the general lighting of the room, without illuminating the entire room. To complete the set, you will need to add other light sources, in the form of wall spotlights or bathroom wall lights.

Bathroom LED Ceiling Light According to the Type of Lighting

When choosing your lighting fixture, keep in mind that there are two types of lighting to choose from. In the case of LED bathroom ceiling lamp, it creates optimum mood lighting in the room while avoiding eye glare.

Good to know

Choose your bathroom ceiling lamp or bathroom chandelier made of plastic or glass, or even metal, much more resistant to rust!

Kill two birds with one stone by choosing the bathroom chandelier to add an interesting decorative touch!

Our advice from the pros

For quality, aesthetic and efficient main lighting, choose a bathroom ceiling fixture whose size is proportional to the size of the room. Ask our team for advice in order to find the right bathroom fixture and, above all, the optimal one for the size of your bathroom!

Never neglect safety and preferably invest in an IP44 bathroom ceiling light with white lighting, even if it is going to be fixed outside very humid areas (for shower or bathtub lighting).

Bathroom ceiling light and WC ceiling light, same thing?

Here are questions that we often hear: Can I install the same fixtures in my bathroom and my toilet? How can I light my toilet properly?

Our answer is simple, as this room is usually small, there is no need to clutter it up, so the bathroom chandelier might crush the whole. Ceiling wc, wall light, these two fixtures in particular are highly recommended!