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List of products by manufacturer Il Fanale

Il Fanale: Italian lighting with original and timeless creations

Having gained a great deal of experience in the treatment of traditional metals, Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa Martin decided to start their lighting manufacturing business in 1949. The lighting systems born of this great initiative immediately caught the public's attention. Each piece produced was a testament to the passion and know-how of the designers, so much so that the Italian brand immediately became one of the best-known. The Fanale lamps are distinguished by their extremely fine finish, elegance and originality. Features that make them truly timeless lighting fixtures.

Luminaires born of passion and hard work

In order to stand out from other manufacturers in a time when competition was at its height, Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife had to show great tenacity and dedication. Above all, the couple has been able to move forward by applying all the know-how they have acquired in the art of shaping traditional metals, but also by cultivating that passion that animated them long before they started working in the field of lighting. It is these different qualities that have enabled designers to design unique lighting fixtures and lead their companies to success.

Among the pieces that immediately caught the attention of consumers, you have for example the lampshades from the IL Fanale collection. The design of the lamps was inspired by the Scandinavian style, rustic decorative elements that recall the specifics of the Nordic theme. The structures consist of a brass diffuser surmounted by a large white lamp glass with a black burnt edge. The light is discreet, elegant and will bring an even more cosy touch to the living rooms of the house.

Those who prefer to highlight the contemporary and modern side of their outdoor spaces will certainly appreciate the aesthetic aspect as well as the efficient and certainly functional lighting of the Decori Parete rectangular outdoor wall lights. Of course, these are just a few illustrations since the Fanale collections include other types of indoor and outdoor lamps.

The excellence of "Made in Italy" quality

With Il Fanale, "Made in Italy" has a very special characteristic: unique quality. But to be able to keep this guideline, the designers had to carry out technical and material research in order to always stand out from the competition. In addition, the brand constantly collaborates with passionate designers and architects. This culture of excellence has enabled the brand to carry out major projects both nationally and internationally.

This approach has, for example, given rise to the beautiful pieces in the Reporter collection. The lighting fixtures, like the large industrial suspensions, display clean and essential lines offering an exceptional decorative effect. The structures are equipped with six swivel heads and articulated arms for greater originality. And with their very elegant vintage design, the lamps will certainly find their place in the most beautiful living rooms, dining rooms or living rooms.

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Showing 1 - 43 of 43 items