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Showing 1 - 60 of 381 items

LED wall light for your home

You want to bring a modern touch to your interior, the LED lighting are cost-effective and sustainable.
Opt for a LED applies in addition to your main lights. These lighting devices find their place on the wall and are suitable for all rooms of the House. Without further ADO, discover all the details to know around these fixtures.

How to optimize the choice of LED lights?

The indoor LED wall is for extra lighting. Thanks to her, the brightness of a room is strengthened while they also optimize the quality of the decoration. If you're looking for fixtures that best match your home, here are a few criteria on which you can rely.


There are different models of LED lights on the market in order to better satisfy customers. Among the most common are classics. This type of fixture is usually with a spot or decorated with a Lampshade. This is the model encountered especially in French homes. It is perfect for living rooms and some models are adjustable for more efficiency.
The LED is a very small bulb, this type of bulb to considerably reduce the size of our lights, that's why that was generally in a LED wall light design, this type of bulb. The minimalist to the equipped lens for a light effect light, these lights will find their place in almost all interiors.
In addition to classic and contemporary models, we find also the room applies and the flexible lamp or wall Lampshade. As their name suggests, they settled beside the bed and are equipped with a switch for convenience. Its soft lighting creates a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom, the best condition for quality sleep. These fixtures effectively replace the bedside lamps.
Other lamps like the led built-in and external applies LED models are also available. The first is perfect for discreet lighting in the hallways or stairs. The second meanwhile is intended for outdoor use and meets the standards required for this purpose (weather, moisture and shock resistance).


Design materials are also the criteria should not be overlooked in the choice of its LED light wall. Note that for effect more former sound usually color bronze or brass, while the most modern models are usually made of aluminum and have a black or white finish or with a finish chromed for the LED bathroom wall.


When you buy your LED lights, choose the design so that it blends well with the style of your interior decoration. If your home is decorated in a contemporary way, opt for a LED wall light design whose form is both simple and uncluttered. On the other hand, if you live in a House decorated in the old, choose a model lamp bat day. Wake up the Decorator that within you in order to find the model that fits your expectations.

What uses for this type of LED light?

The outdoor LED wall is only reserved for outdoor use. Indeed, in recent years, manufacturers and designers have developed these lamps for inside the House. It is on the one hand to meet the many requests of the customer in relation to the need of saving energy and on the other hand for the thinner, more minimalist design lamps. This choice allows the creation of lamps to the varied and decidedly more contemporary forms.
It comes in different forms, including square, round or rectangular. You can install easily with that classic modern interior. Simply having a power supply available on the wall.
Be aware that with side light, we catalogued our LED fixtures by type and installation area. You will be easier to find the LED lamp you are looking for without risking buying templates intended for use indoors if you are looking for a lighting system for your garden or your yard.
These LED lights can also be used for extra lighting. They can illuminate a work plan in a kitchen, works of art or paint in your House just like be used as scenographic lighting in a museum or cultural institution.
Models of white LEDs are most popular as extra lighting in a bathroom or in a workplace, because their light is the colour that is closest to natural light. The LED luminaire equipped of an LED bulb warm white will contribute her ambience both serene and relaxing in the room where it will be installed.
Note that some of these fixtures can present an adjustable opening which allows adjustment to focus on specific areas.

Where to install a LED wall?

When choosing this type of wall light, it must find an answer to this question. Indeed, each model responds to a specific location.
If you have knowledge of decoration Interior, it is clear that you have the answer to this question. If so, feel free to ask one of our consultants online for the development and study of your fixtures for your home.
In the field of Interior design, the choice of each light fixture is done in full respect of the decorative style of the room and the service that shall bring. Where the lamp will be used in addition to another fixture, it is interesting to make a secondary light source. So, these are lights LED delivering soft lighting or dimmable that suit best.
If you want to highlight a specific area, opt for a LED light with a beam or angle of light broadcast more narrow, you can make a more focused light. This type of lamp is ideal for the lighting of a work of art, or to highlight a decorative object, the effect will be guaranteed.
Finally, atmosphere that will get the LED wall lights should never be neglected.
As explained above, the wall lamps are secondary light sources. They are placed mounted head bed or as extra lamps in a living room, these must meet a specific need, whether decorative or practical, but they can in no way meet the unique lighting in a room.

Lighting that will buy the Wall lamp must be adapted to the place to light up.

The most common models

Manufacturers design LED lights according to the use for which they are intended.
In this concept, it will be quite normal to place in a wall headboard with a flexible arm equipped with a 1 watt LED. This bulb will be more than enough to meet the need of the person wishing to read without inconveniencing anyone wishing to sleep next to her. The beam of light will be concentric, and it will be suitable for the use you wish to make.
As a result, the power used in the murals LED lamps will be always adapted to the end-use of the product and you will have no problem making your choice when purchasing.
If you do not have to worry about the output power of your fixture, you will however advised to think about the atmosphere that you want to search. This atmosphere will be provided by the LED temperature which will equip your lamp.

The decorative LED applique

Sought mainly for its decorative and scenographic effect, this fixture is intended to provide a supplementary light source in the room where it will be installed. The light effect it provides must give extra light to the room to highlight the walls and highlight the perspective space. Your lamp to be square or round, with high and low or indirect lighting, all the forms and effects are possible.

The bathroom wall

As for an outdoor wall light fixture that will be placed in a bathroom must meet a certain degree of protection against moisture.
Indeed, if it is placed in zone two or two volume, i.e. at a distance of less than 60 cm from one point of water, it must have a minium IP 3 X protection class.
For a bathroom, it will be advisable to take a lamp with a temperature of white light.

The table applies

From distributors of LED lights, there are also special lighting for the table. These are the models of the most exploited and which allows a better development of your paintings and pictures. This type of lamp settles above the table to highlight and creates a serene and friendly atmosphere.

The headboard applique

Another model of light LED is increasingly exploited is the headboard lamp. This type of lighting is available in different versions and most popular include a directional lighting and bedside LED decorative lamps equipped with ambient lighting. This second LED bulb is interesting especially for those who love read before going to sleep. The bedside LED lamp is usually equipped with a switch for a better comfort of use.

LED spotlight

The wall spots are also used in interior LED lights. They illuminate precisely to enhance the lighting in a specific area. The peculiarity of this type of lamp is that they are usually adjustable and can be used to illuminate a work plan, an office, or even an object to highlight.

A LED light to enjoy a green light

The LED wall and as its name suggests is equipped with an led. The latter is known for its long service life and also for its low energy consumption. Its use is an ecological gesture, because she is not likely to prejudice against the environment. It is a source that is recyclable. The component LED coming end of life are recycled and manufacturers give them a new life.
We often hear that the LED is economical and durable, but how?
To better answer, note that LED light bulbs installed on this type of luminaire offer a service life of 30,000 hours approximately. As for their consumption, to remember that consuming 10 times less than conventional bulbs.
Moreover, an LED bulb offers a quick lighting which ensures a flash light. This is not the case of some light bulbs that require some time to ignition. LEDs are also only small bulbs to allow you to enjoy a white light that is the same in the light of the day.

Modern design and a wide choice of brightness

LED lights are available in different models, because we find all types of LED bulbs. These effectively substitute for other types of bulbs. In addition, most of the newer models work with LED which increases the choice on the consumer side.
Side color temperature, note that the LED does not deliver all the same bright colours. So, you can also choose this light temperature when you make your purchase. You can choose light white, warm yellow or the blue cold depending on the atmosphere you want to bring to your home.  Also note that the tone of light given by your Wall lamp may be different from the ambient light. This contrast will allow you to create the mood you want in your home. To do this, wake up the Decorator that in you.

What are the benefits to using these LED lamps?

There are many models of fixtures, but the LED lamps are part of the bulbs the trendiest today and for many reasons. Indeed, several benefits are to enjoy with these lighting devices and those who used them have obtained satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits:


One such LED bulb is known to offer energy efficiency on the order of 100 lumens/Watt against 70 for CFLs. For incandescent sources, this performance is much lower not because it is of the order of 15 lumens. Research continues in the area of production of these specific lights as LEDs offering a return of 300 lumens/Watt currently exist.

A significant life span

Lamps equipped with LED light bulbs, in addition to meeting the requirements of the modern man lighting, promise to last longer than conventional models. Indeed, an LED bulb lasts 10 times longer than a CFL and 100 times longer than an incandescent bulb. To be more precise, bulbs fitted a LED bulb have a life expectancy of about 70 000 hours. Such duration guarantees both saving money and better respect for the environment.

Aesthetics to the poster

LED lights spread a white light that mimics the natural light and that is pleasing to the eye. Also note that some fixtures incorporate diodes that can change color or light intensity thanks to the presence of a regulator.

Space saving

The LED lamp to be installed on a wall does not place and allows to optimise the lighting. There are even templates built-in, models which guarantee total discretion. These models are ideal for lighting in certain areas of the home like hallways or stairs. Their light is precise and targeted, it is the reason why they can be used for extra lighting.

A guarantee of security

LED lights offer a better security than other types of lamps. As the LED sources can operate at very low voltage, their installation is far from dangerous. In addition, LED don't generate heat and imply no fire risk. It is also for this reason that many people opt for lamps recessed LED to complement a main lighting.

Handy and robust

LED bulbs, unlike other models of bulb are particularly resistant. They offer good resistance to shocks and falls. In addition, the light is available immediately. This detail is very important, because some bulbs are slow to heat and illuminate optimally.

A green lighting solution

LED lights, unlike other lights available on the market are green. In other words, they contain no hazardous waste and can be recycled without problem. Note that certain bulbs like the CFLs contain mercury and are hazardous to the environment. Recycling must take into account the presence of this harmful element to avoid contamination of the soil and water.

Technical specifications of LED lights:

Source type: LED
Voltage/frequency/intensity: 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz 51mA or 12 V
Power: between 1 W and 10 W
Color temperature: 2700 to 6500 ° Kelvin
Total luminous flux: is calculated in Lumen
Material: Who makes up the body of the product
Color: multiple
Standards: CE, shock Resistance: IK02
Index of protection: this is the degree of protection to choose depending on the area or it will be placed. Example: IP44
Class: If the product must be connected to the Earth or not.

A wall is one of the elements of unique decoration that will bring warmth to your home. Choose the material, the color, the color temperature and opt for the LED bracket adapted to your tastes and your lighting needs. Whether for your office, your dining room, your room or your living room, there are many models of LED lights. The life expectancy of these lamps is relatively important and can go up to ten years, all in use very little energy compared to halogen bulbs. Different materials can be used in the manufacture of these wall lamps, as for example the metal, polycarbonate, or even wood. Other characteristics may vary from one wall to another, as the height, width, the luminous flux (lumens), the color temperature or energy consumption. We offer many brands of lights to meet all tastes and all budgets.

If you don't however find the lamp of your dreams, contact us by phone or email. We through'll walk you this search with pleasure.

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