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List of products by manufacturer Giarnieri

Italian Giarnieri luminaire

The Giarnieri collection is an Italian manufacturer of high quality and exceptional lighting fixtures offering resolutely contemporary lamps.
Attention to detail characterises the quality of the products made in Italy.

The spirit of Giarnieri is to offer a new look at the world of design lighting.
A few fine lines are enough to trace the contours of a lamp to subtly bring light into a living space.
Like a work of art, the emphasis is on form that will flatter the eye. The magic is created by a play of light and shadow, providing character and perspective to the lamp.

Convinced that the design of modern lighting must be ecology and energy performance oriented. All their lamps are equipped with systems that exclusively use quality and interchangeable LEDs.

Presentation of some products from the Giarnieri collection

A ceiling light, an LED wall light or a resolutely modern Italian design suspension lamp, the Drop range will seduce you with its simple shape referring to a smoke circle. The vintage style of the 60s is honoured by the finesse of the structure and its backlighting.

Nostalgic and fan of the video games of the 80s, the Pixel lamp subtly brings us a wink to this universe. The lacquered aluminium lamp has been engraved with shapes to reveal a design of lights reminiscent of programming code effects. This lamp has been designed to be placed either as a wall-mounted LED lamp, a pendant lamp or a LED ceiling lamp.

Kamak or the art of backlighting.
Like an eclipse, the Kamak wall light is composed of two metal spheres that play a game of light and shadow through the magic of backlighting. The reverberation effect will draw on your wall a moon kissing the sun.

Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items
Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items