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Showing 1 - 60 of 156 items

LED chandelier and suspension LED to your interior

LED chandelier is the star of Since it is nowadays difficult to get to illuminate its interior. Moreover, the suspension and chandeliers LED to reduce your electricity bill while enjoying a superb lamp hanging in the House. In addition, there are a wide variety of forms regarding this type of luminaire with an LED bulb. Indeed, the LED integrated in the latter can be very discreet, which greatly improves the aesthetics of your LED light. We put at your disposal a wide range of luminaires to suspend LED, all dimensions and all the decorative styles, from modern to retro.

You will find in our online store as well the imposing LEDs suspension design to decorate your dining room or living room than the mini White chandelier that is perfect for your child's room. So you can be seduced by these LED lights that stand out for their quality and their modern appearance. We can show you the characteristics for each of our models. These include the number of lumens, which is the amount of light offered by the luminaire when it is turned on.

We have a wide selection of models, colors and design, in order to correspond exactly to your needs and your budget. To achieve this, we work closely with the most reputable brands in Europe in terms of fixtures.

Nowadays, the suspensions and chandeliers LED invest inside many homes. To begin, please understand the difference between luster and the suspension. The first is usually suspended from the ceiling of a room through a metal chain. Furthermore, it is often worked better than the second. In other words, this last is most of the time made up of a single piece, even if we find more and more models lately that several elements and are called "row" or "cluster". On the other hand, the chandeliers include many elements, whether of tassels, of ornaments, garlands, of lampshades, arms, etc. Therefore, it is important to know the criteria to select these different luminaires.   

How to choose your chandelier or your suspension?   

There are a number of criteria to help you choose the best luminaire which is suitable for every room.

Depending on the nature of the piece

As a first step, it must take into account the nature of the room in which you install your fixture. Indeed, the need for brightness differs depending on whether it is a room, a living room or kitchen. Similarly, the materials used for the chandelier vary depending on the piece. For example, in the bathroom, it is necessary to have a light targeted level and the mirror above the sink. On the other hand, you must light up the room with a relatively bright general lighting. Regarding the materials of these specific fixtures for the bathroom, it must focus on those who do not fear the humidity prevailing in the room. This is the case especially glass or PVC. On the other hand, you should avoid fabrics and paper.

For the case of the show, it is necessary to have LED suspension that will spread light throughout the room, without however to dazzle the eye. With respect to the material with which the luminaire is manufactured, you can explore all possibilities. Plastic, metal, glass, paper or fabric, everything is permitted. If you want to install this type of fixture in your kitchen, remember that you need two types of lights. On the one hand, need you a general lighting bright enough to light up the room. On the other side, it is necessary to have a focused light, in particular on the work plan. In addition, as fixtures will suffer attacks of the grease and dirt, it should be to choose relatively easy to clean materials. This includes PVC, glass and metal.

Finally, the room to decide for a general lighting at the same time soft and sweet. On the other hand, be careful that the bulb appears from the bottom of the fixture. Otherwise, the light may dazzle you once you fold. With respect to the material of your fixtures, you have the choice between the plastic, fabric, paper, glass, metal, and even a suspension pen the most beautiful effect!

Depending on the height under ceiling and available space

The space where you will install your chandelier led or your design suspension led also determines the size of your fixture. Here, it should take into account the proportions and good sense. Indeed, it would be inappropriate to place a huge light in a small room, or a model of small size in a large room. It is therefore useful to follow a few simple rules to avoid mistakes:

a. the height of your fixture:

It is advisable to leave a 2.15 m minimum distance between the lower part of your luminaires and the ground.

b. the ideal diameter of the luminaire from a room:

You must first measure the width and the length of the room. Then you add these two values before you multiply by 8. This is how you get the diameter ideal of your luminaire to suspend LED, adjusted perfectly to the surface of your piece. Thus, for a show that is 4 meters long and 3 meters wide, you do 4 + 3 = 7, then 7 x 8 = 56 cm, which therefore represents the diameter of your lamp that you choose.

c. the ideal diameter of the luminaire placed above a table:

First, measure the width of your table. Remove then 30 cm of this value and you get the diameter of your LED lights to suspend to put over the table. In the case where there is a dining table, should be left to a height of between 80 and 120 cm between the lower part of your fixture and the top of the table.

Depending on your taste and decoration of the room

The final step in the selection of the chandelier or suspension that will enlighten your stay, your room, your kitchen or your bathroom depends on your personal preferences. Indeed, some prefer the industrial style which is largely codes of plants in the past and who bring a raw and authentic note in the room. Others love the Scandinavian style models that are very trends with their lines of great sobriety and their pastel colors.

It is still possible to be seduced by the baroque style, which creates an elegant, luxurious and feminine atmosphere in your home. And, thanks to the opulence of the details of the luminaire and the beauty of its curves. As for the classic style, it still has many followers of our days. I must say that it increases considerably the authentic and charming decoration side. That's why it remains timeless and timeless even in the 21st century. Finally, the design style stands out for its original, clean lines and definitely sober. Many people adopt the suspensions in this style because it creates a note of modernity in their interior.

The specific criteria for the selection of chandeliers

It is important to note that chandeliers are not only intended for very large spaces. Indeed, more and more inside are chandeliers to illuminate and beautify the room. It is true that this type of luminaire will generate a warm atmosphere in the room in him offering a beautiful volume, as long as the ceiling height is sufficient.

The criteria for a chandelier.

In hanging lamp, you must of course take into account the use you want to make and also the nature of the room where your fixture will be installed. Indeed, the suspension which will be placed in the living room will be different from the one you put in the kitchen or above the dining table. On the other hand, each piece has its specific needs in terms of lighting power to answer your fixture. Remember that the luminaire must be able to light up the room in its entirety. Otherwise, you must go to an extra lighting, such as a spot or a ceiling light.

On the other hand, you must ensure that your LED luminaires are suspended to the height you want. You can remove or add links in the chain of your suspension in case of need, in order to adapt the height to your requirements. With respect to the shape of your luminaire, the choice is very wide. However, it is recommended to stand by opting for original models, which are out of the ordinary and that really bring more to your room decoration. Finally, it is important to choose the type of material which gives an authentic aspect to the piece and ideally suited to your interior decoration. So you can free rein to your imagination and your taste with regard to the material with which your lamp is made.

Different models of chandelier

It is important to note that there are a multitude of different models in the field of the chandelier or suspension. This allows you to find the rare Pearl that will truly give character to your room decoration. However, we can distinguish three main categories of lighting from which you can choose. In the first place, we have the design chandelier that stands by its colors and its original forms. This modern lamp turns both trend and authentic, while showing the undeniable air of modernity.

You can still opt for the classic chandelier which is best known for its metal chain and which comes in various forms to meet your tastes. This type of LED luminaires is also available with different materials that are sometimes high-end. Finally, you have the crystal chandelier that can be luxurious, simple or even extravagant, depending on your choice. Anyway, it can bring a note of opulence in your room. When at the price range of the hanging lamp, the simpler models are trading around 40 euros. If you are looking for a bigger and more modern lamp, then allow up to 100 euros. But if you're looking for a truly original model and that really creates the effect, you can spend up to 500 euros, or even more.  

Offered by the suspensions and chandeliers LED lighting

It should be noted that it is possible to replace incandescent bulbs on a suspension with traditional sockets by LEDs. This way, you get a great LED light that will illuminate your room with its thousands of lights. On the other hand, according to the room where you will install your fixture, you have the option to choose between several colors of light. It must be acknowledged that there is still a few years, they blamed the LEDs give a too cold light. But today, this is no longer the case and now you can offer your suspension and your chandelier shades you want, depending on the piece and the desired atmosphere.

So you have the warm white, which is offered by conventional light bulbs incandescent color. This shade has a temperature of between 2,300 and 3 200 ° Kelvins. You can still offer a natural to your LED lights to hang white color. As its name suggests, it approaches the most of natural light and its temperature varies between 4,000 and 5 500 ° Kelvins. But if you feel that natural white is too white and warm white is too yellow, you can opt for the "light" warm white Its colour temperature oscillates between 3,500 and 3 800 ° Kelvins. Finally, you have the cold white which is ideal for directional lighting. Its White incorporates a blue note, this is why you should not use it as a main light. As the temperature of this hue, it varies between 6,500 and 8 000 ° Kelvins.

Angle of diffusion and usage tips

At the time to install your suspension, you must look at the angle of diffusion of your bulb or LED Strip. For example, if use you your light as main light, you need choose a bulb whose diffusion angle exceeds 90 °. But in case your fixture will serve as beam or directional lighting, it is advisable to opt for light bulbs to low angle, i.e. 15 ° or 30 °. On the other hand, it should be noted that the current LED bulbs can enjoy the latest advances in technology as the dimmers to light intensity.

This is so that you can choose between 3 types of bulbs to illuminate your LED luminaires. On the one hand, you have LED bulbs "dimmable" who are equipped with an external drive to reduce light intensity in a gradual way. On the other side, you can opt for "double-tap" bulbs which can reduce the light intensity by 30% by clicking 2 times on the switch. Finally, it is possible to indulge in «sunset» LED bulbs This last category of bulb can play on the light intensity without warm white to a more "yellow" white What will make the atmosphere in the room warmer.  

Furthermore, it should be noted that some manufacturers offer today to the public to create themselves their LED fixtures to hang. Indeed, the mode of Do It Yourself (said) also went in the universe of the luminaires. This is so that you can choose the colour of the cord, socket porcelain or metal, the style where the classic stands still with the possibility to have a Lampshade to the card, the type of bulb, etc. Give a note personal and unique to your home! Indeed, designers recommend more deal between styles, in order to create a striking and definitely decorative contrast. It is even possible to outside the box for your hanging LED lamps hanging small lamps on both sides of her bed to replace the Eternals bedside lamps.

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