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Showing 1 - 60 of 83 items

LED lamp : how to choose a headboard light ?

If you are looking for a LED lamp to read at night or to read to your children before bedtime, you need a light source that is suitable for this particular need. The reading lamp will not only serve as a light source, but more importantly, it will allow you to read without damaging your eyes! Our online shop has a wide range of products so that you can find the right reading lamp for your needs!

Is the LED lamp suitable for reading?

First question and not the least on the reading light in general: is the LED technology really usable to read and preserve its vision? The answer is yes, this type of directional lighting lends itself perfectly to reading and relaxation, not to mention the economic aspect, because of its low consumption.

What type of reading lamp should I choose?

Bed side table

There are several categories of LED lamps available today, including:

  • The wall-mounted reading light ;

  • The reading light ;

  • The flexible reader ;

  • The bedside reading lamp;

  • The lamp to hang on the bed;

  • The built-in reading light

Depending on the configuration of the room and your needs, choose the right reading lamp model in just a few clicks in our online shop!

What is the power of LED lamp for reading at night?

While reading in the dark does not specifically affect vision, it does put uncomfortable pressure on the eye muscles. In fact, in such a setting, the muscles of the eyes work doubly, relaxing in order to capture the maximum amount of light, but also contracting to transform the words on the pages into information for the brain.

So it's a real conflict that takes place internally as we lie in bed, reading before we fall asleep. The solution to avoid eye fatigue: focus a bright light on the reading area.

It is also important to consider the age of the reader, whose needs change over time. According to vision experts, at the age of 10, the human eye can read with a 40-watt bulb or almost no light at all, but at the age of 60 it needs 100 watts. In concrete terms, the need for brightness increases by 1% per year.

For your reading lamp, the ideal luminosity is expressed in lumens, of which here are the equivalents in watts:

  • 40 watts - approx. 450 lumens ;

  • 60 Watts - about 800 Lumens ;

  • 75 watts - approx. 1100 lumens;

  • 100 watts - approximately 1600 lumens.

How to properly orientate a headboard reader?

Above, we advised focusing bright light on the reading area. However, a headboard reading light that is too bright and glaring can be tiring and damaging to the eyes. To combine business with pleasure, you can also opt for a reading lamp with a shade.

What colour of light for a reading light?

Here, we're talking about colour temperature, which is expressed in degrees Kelvin. To give you an idea, here's what you need to remember about the light color of your next LED headboard reader:

  • Less than 2000°K: low luminosity, close to candles

  • Warm white: 2200°K - 3200°K: living rooms (ideal for dining room, living room, bedrooms) ;

  • Neutral or natural white: 3200°K - 5000°K (ideal for kitchen, bathroom, garage, outdoor) ;

  • Cool white: >5000°K (daylight = approx. 5200K, ideal for outdoors, car parks, high traffic areas)

For optimal use of your bed lamp, we recommend a colour temperature of 4000 to 4600°K, soft and slightly amber, thus suitable for reading.

How to distribute the lighting of a headboard reading light?

The LED reading light avoids turning on the main light in the room to read, thus putting too much strain on the eye muscles. Indeed, it is important to use targeted lighting rather than general lighting for reading, in order to preserve the health of the eyes.

Also, if you prefer to read on your tablet or smartphone, that shouldn't stop you from turning on your milk reader while dimming your screen.

Contact us to buy the perfect LED lamp!

Choose the perfect reading lamp for your room or your children's room in just a few clicks on our online store! Need help or advice to select the right model? Our team is at your disposal by phone and email to answer all your questions!