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Brilliant: lights of quality at lower costs

With the many references available on the market, it is not always easy to find products with a good quality-price ratio. However, some brands (more than others) are able to distinguish themselves by their very affordable offerings that meet the needs of consumers. The Brilliant brand is part of this category. The German company was founded in 1951. The company first specializes in processing and the manufacture of glass. But by diversifying its activities, she managed to get a reputation in the world of lighting. The luminaires of the Brilliant mark are marketed in many countries at prices defying all competition.

Ranges of lamps adapted to all budgets

With more than 65 years of experience in the sector, Brilliant has extensive know-how allowing each year to offer wide ranges of luminaires. Its catalog is growing according to the expectations of the public. But whether it's residential lighting or solutions dedicated to professionals, the German brand knows attract the attention of the public with the prices and the quality of its creations. According to the feedback of many consumers, the Brilliant lamps are distinguished by their functional and elegant design. But the point that keeps coming back is rates. The ranges proposed are adapted to all budgets.

To do so, creators are assured that all their equipment comes in many models accessible to all budgets. The classics are the most popular because of their good quality-price ratio. However, even with the new trend, the brand was able to find the right balance to always achieve to satisfy its customers. As an example, we can take the case of wall lights 3 lights Bulb Brilliant. Fixtures consist of a structure in aluminium, chromed. The frame is compatible with a rotary drive. These features can make you think of a rather expensive product. And yet, this lamp is very affordable in terms of cost.

Lighting systems that combine functionality and aesthetics proposed at certainly affordable prices

The fact that prices of Brilliant light products are the best on the market does not detract to the fact that they are also of a very high quality. The designers have been able to combine two essential characteristics to produce as good models: functionality and aesthetics. As the German brand has always implemented technological advances in his field to make its lighting systems even more practical.

Currently, the brand offers low consumption lights equipped with LED bulbs economic and ecological. Professionals have even held to highlight this functional side by offering amenities that can be controlled remotely via a mobile device. On some models the Brilliant brand desk lamps or wall sconces, the intensity of the light and diffused color can be adjusted in a few clicks thanks to an app installed previously on a smartphone or a tablet. Regarding the aesthetic rendering, the creators usually rely on a sober and elegant style adapted to all types of interiors.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 701 items