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Showing 1 - 60 of 555 items

All your leds for your interior ceiling lights

Choose the LED lighting for your lighting. Side light offers a wide choice of LED ceiling of brands that can illuminate your home with style, and whatever your budget. You will find our selection of products, models sleek, classic design for you and for your children's bedrooms.

Sober light, choose a light in suspension with a top-down dissemination. LED bulbs in particular, you can get an incomparable white light while achieving significant energy savings. There are many types of lights and LED lights, LED lights or even flashlights to LED.

Side light offers a selection of suspensions LED that you can hang for outdoor lighting satisfactory, regardless of your budget. With prices ranging from 15 to 1500 euros, you spoilt for choice between more modern models of contemporary style and others with a look more vintage. For example, discover the spot LED Dyna black color; with a design similar to that of a projector, it can be placed in height with an adjustable light according to your desires. There are also models specially designed for children's rooms with an LED bulb and a glass holder that you can customize the colors of their favorite cartoons. For the parts of life that require a style more sober and elegant, choose LED ceiling light in round tube in stainless steel with a light white and warm, welcoming and friendly.

According to your taste and your budget, check out several models of different colors, materials and styles in our selection of suspension lights

If you're wondering how to choose, how to install your ceiling light, what specifics for what type of piece, or simply what there is to know before buying your LED ceiling light, then follow him guide.

How to choose a ceiling LED light?

Because there are many types of ceiling lights on the market, broad is the range of choices that we offer, it is difficult to make your choice. In addition, there seems to be so many parameters to consider that you feel even more confused. We will tell you about the things to consider that are simple, namely technical information, and useful tips to help you choose your design LED ceiling light.

The duration of life

In general, the manufacturers and sellers of LED lights announce a lifespan that varies between 25,000 hours, 50 000-100 000 hours see more. But in reality must be taken into consideration, both quality of LED lamps installed inside and the engine used (Driver) converter. The standard NF EN 62717 informed only after a use that exceeds the lifetime announced, 90% of the LED will have a decrease of 80% on lighting produced. In other words, most of the lamps will lose in quantity of light after the hours of use evaluated. Yet, it is appropriate to specify that these announced durations do not apply for their extinction, but the reduction of the luminous flux. You may need to ask what good use for example a Wall spotlight which only produces 20% of the original lighting... that's why he gotta inquire about the brand and the quality of the product in question.

There is another parameter to see also for the lifetime of a LED light : operating junction temperature. Indeed, the longevity of life and the effectiveness of the lamp are also conditioned by its temperature. Because it is cold, most it lasts and more effective it is. Of course, the location where you install and the humidity in the room significantly affect this time.

On the other hand, do not worry, as assuming 5000 hours of annual use, these fixtures will be used up to 5 or 10 years still.

Light efficiency

Apart from the life expectancy of the lamp, it is important to consider the luminous efficiency. Because nothing beats a room lit enough to ensure your well-being.

Light efficiency is measured in lumens/watt (lm/W). Lumens means the quantity of emitted luminous flux and the Watts means energy consumption. Light efficiency of course depends on the quality of your LED lamp fixture, but it must also take into account the report with the size of the room.

Therefore, choose the right size and the right amount of light the ceiling to adapt it to the surface of the workpiece. Small rooms such as the bathroom or hallways require for example only one ceiling luminaire. On the other hand, larger rooms like the kitchen or the living room require more light output. You have the choice between install larger and brighter, lamps or install several lights to lower flow.

Choose the amount of light in your room as it should is a passage that does not jump. And often a poor choice for the size or the number of the fixtures leads to sacrifice the side aesthetic that gives life to the décor.

Choice for décor

What is the style of your home, your tastes? Design, classic, contemporary, Scandinavian etc.? Because the choice of a ceiling light fixture will depend inevitably the style of the room so that the resulting atmosphere is consistent and friendly. And, the different rooms of the House are of a style and a special atmosphere. Opt for example, spots or suspensions to put in the kitchen, as they give a contemporary and less bulky in space.

In addition, the mixture of two types of luminaires in the room can also be a design very much in vogue at present. We often adopt this style for the living room and the bedroom, because apart from two combined lights is the reversal from one atmosphere to another.

Don't forget so not that shape, the clear light type, size, and type of luminaire influential all over the scenery. In addition, correspondence or the mixture of style also can offer designs innovative and unique, but at the risk of a non-conventionalite hand.

What type of ceiling light for which room?

You plan several rooms in your House, and it is not easy to choose what light or what ceiling put in each of them. And as we saw above, it must take into account the size of the room, the necessary light quantity/quality and that produced by the lamp, but also aesthetic rendering, and some details ensuring comfort and well-being.

Indeed, the right choice of a luminaire for a specific part does not always come naturally. Because every room deserves a different atmosphere, the amount of light, the temperature of light, the choice of lamps and their location are all involved in affect this one. Here's how to go about each piece.

-Firstly, the kitchen is a room where is active a lot to prepare meals, but some people love to spend time for reading or just for work. There should be a good lighting general and neutral to have a good general view, but not tiring. Opt for a suspension or a ceiling light placed at the center of the room, above a dining table or the workspace. The kitchen spot placed over the furniture or placed in numbers also would give a more modern air.

-The dining room, and the kitchen serves multiple uses. Adequate lighting creating a climate of conviviality would be welcome. We recommend the suspension above the table for its practicality, for example choosing the monte-and-drop model adjustable in height.

-For the stay, the mixture of luminaires is well-advised, because you will need to change surround depending on whether you will discuss with a few drinks with friends or watch TV with your partner or your children. One living room ceiling lightarranged around the room mixing color temperature, or adjustable appliques in brightness level, will give you a great ambient comfort.

-The room is an intimate space and even sweetness, so should lights specific for Sunrise, and others for sunset. Apart from the bedside lamps, general lighting in the ceiling should not hinder the view when it is lying on the bed. Use spotlights to illuminate the dressing or the closet and the room, but put a diffuser in fabric covered suspension for example to cut the light during sunset on the bed.

-The bathroom is a wet and very used space at any time. This room would need a functional lighting. For a good view, but a soft lighting, opt for a ceiling not bulky like a Wall ceiling or the built-in cold color spots. The spots will avoid the dangers of electricity and cold or neutral color avoid Visual effects corrupting your makeup.

-Finally, the corridor only needs that sufficient light to avoid tripping cause objects which themselves would place by chance. On the other hand, spots lined up along the ceiling offer a well distributed brightness and a decoration to the more modern style.

How to ask or install a LED ceiling light?

As the ceiling lamp a source at the same time illuminating your room and at the same time decorating it, its many and infinite models give you the opportunity to choose various types and change them at your leisure. And, since its installation does not require one daily other than the knowledge expertise. The establishment or change of your design ceiling light won't you too many problems. But there are so many techniques to do it, so here we offer the minimum to know.

So, to begin with, the tools will be: an electric drill, a flat or star-shaped screwdriver, pliers, pliers wire stripper, rocking ankle, and a pencil.

Before touching the wires, make sure that the common or well cut to the circuit breaker and everything the system is turned off. Security is priority in all work in connection with electricity.

The next step is to mark the location of your ceiling with a pencil. In general, ceiling lights are placed at the center of the room, as the LED chandelier. But in a kitchen, for example, the luminaire will be preferably just above a piece of furniture, a table to eat for example.

Before drilling the ceiling, it would have had to choose ankle rocker which is adapted to the type of ceiling and the weight of the luminaire. The installation of the suspension requires a specific attachment fitted with a hook or a piton. The ceiling light wood Perhaps heavier than others. After drilling, you screw the hook or the metal peak of suspension. Then, a new hole will be necessary to insert the stem of the junction box.

The cutter will now serve to cut the cable according to the required length, before be re-introduced into the junction box. Then we must strip the wires about 10 millimeters, in order to connect them. The connection is made using dominoes or quick connectors. However is a standard ceiling lights connect in some boxes DCL (connection for lighting device) to ensure safety. Some of these boxes are made for hollow materials with a locking system, and others seal is for full materials.

 Then, the son follow a color code should not be confused: blue for neutral, red for the phase, and yellow for the Earth. But the yellow is not to be connected for the installation of a ceiling or a spot.

Now, close all, hang the ceiling hook, insert the bulb, and check the operation of the facility. The ceiling spot for example, does not hook, it fits into a cavity is being adapted. For the bulb, it should respect the indications on the voltage. All finished, turn on the power and switch on.

What power for an LED ceiling light?

LED bulbs are very trendy and offer a very wide selection. However the choice of power creates confusion and should be illuminated. This part explains concerning energy consumption and light output of LED bulbs.

Here's what you need to help you refer when making choices:

Although halogen bulbs were the most used and known as powerful since then, LED lamps offer a light output to the height and consume less incandescent or fluorescent bulbs to compact. The difference in consumption between the LED bulbs and CFLs are certainly thin, but the life expectancy of the first 10 times more wins on the last. A LED bulb is more resistant to the succession of ignitions and extinctions.

There are equivalents of power between LED lamps and halogen lamps. For example, we see often appear "5W = 50W". This means that the LED bulb in question consumes only 5 Watts, but offers rough light of a 50 Watts halogen. Which corresponds to a large difference in your electricity expense, with a gain of 90%.

But to enter the precision, we can measure the clear luminous flux by a bright spot in lumens (lm) or lux (lm / m2). To control power clear and so consumed, it is important to consider the luminous flux relationship / power. For example, two bulbs of different brands all mentioning the two 5W = 50W can give off different flows; the other may be 560 lm and the other only 400 LM.

The need for lighting is of course depends on your activity in the room. A chandelier office or a kitchen ceiling light requires more lighting (more than 300 lux); and one room ceiling light or corridor requires that lighting a low (between 100-200 lux) to perform its function.

LED bulbs are known for their low energy consumption. But choose Safe brand LED ceiling lights, guaranteeing you an enough fuel for a greater flow. Because many poor quality LED lamps are sold everywhere, and make you believe that it doesn't help to have specific demands on your fixtures.

Here are current values to identify you:

Filament bulb: 12 lm/W

Halogen incandescent bulb: 20 lm/W

Light bulb low consumption: 60 lm/W

LED bulb: 100 lm/W

So browse our range of cheap ceiling lights to find your account and brighten your day.

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