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Showing 1 - 60 of 515 items

LED ceiling lighting: what is the LED ceiling light worth?

In the category LED ceiling lighting, we naturally find the LED ceiling light, chic, economical and accessible to all budgets. Depending on your desires, your needs, your budget, find a wide range of LED ceiling lights on our online store. With just a few clicks, light up all the rooms of the house. But above all, for a successful purchase, here are our tips!

Good to know about the LED ceiling luminaire

LED ceiling

Preferably bet on a dimmable LED ceiling light, that is to say one of which you can vary the lighting intensity. By having the possibility of modulating the brightness, you will be able to create different atmospheres according to your needs simply by pressing the switch!

What are the different types of LED ceiling light?

The LED ceiling lamp is available in two types: recessed models and exposed ones. Depending on your desires, your interior decoration, here are the characteristics to take into consideration for a successful purchase on our online store. Remember to use the filter built into the page to select your light source based on other criteria.

Features of the recessed luminous ceiling light

The recessed LED ceiling light is, as the name suggests, fixed flush with the ceiling, so it leaves no space between the luminaire and the ceiling. With its low profile, it plugs directly into the power source. Today we find neutral models, but also others, decorative, while remaining discreet.

The recessed LED ceiling light is recommended when the room has a ceiling of about 2.50 m high. Beyond this height, the result risks being "washed out", the luminaire being fixed too far from the ground.

The advantages of the recessed LED ceiling light:

  • This type of luminaire is less prone to dust deposits;

  • Its low profile is perfect if you are looking for a sober and practical design at the same time.

The areas suitable for the installation of a recessed LED ceiling lamp:

  • In rooms with low ceilings - Between 2 and 2.50 m in height;

  • In the hallway and high traffic areas;

  • Areas requiring direct lighting;

  • The bedroom, the bathroom, the laundry room, the kitchen

Features of the surface-mounted luminous ceiling light

The surface-mounted LED ceiling light is a resolutely decorative luminaire and for good reason, it is much more visible than its recessed version. This type of luminaire provides optimal lighting and is generally used for ambient lighting, because of its beam which goes from top to bottom.

Delivered with a chain or a fixing rod, the luminous LED ceiling light easily finds its place in rooms with ceilings between 2.50 and 3 m high as well as sloping ceilings. In the latter case, take care to select a ceiling luminaire delivered with the specific hooks for this type of configuration.

The advantages of the visible ceiling LED wall light:

  • It delivers more powerful lighting than the recessed version, so perfect for ambient lighting;

  • It turns out to be more practical when it is necessary to change the bulb;

  • It comes in a very wide range of models, all equally decorative.

The areas suitable for the installation of a recessed LED ceiling light:

  • In rooms with high ceilings - Between 2.50 and 3 m in height;

  • Above the tables, in the dining room, the seats, the bathtub;

  • In the hall, the bathroom, the bedroom.

In which room can a LED ceiling light be installed?

The lighting of each room in the house must be broken down into three layers to be optimal, to facilitate the use of the premises, the passage, the safety of people, to name only these parameters. Concretely, whether it is the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, etc., you must install main (ambient) lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Main lighting with an LED ceiling light

It is the base layer of a successful light mesh, which will illuminate the room as a whole, reducing shadows and eye fatigue.

Task lighting with LED ceiling lighting

The ceiling light will direct the light directly on an area used for a specific task. For example, the LED kitchen ceiling light will make it easier to cut food by being installed above the island.

LED accent lighting

Here, it is about drawing the eye to a decorative element, for example, a painting, an object of art or an architectural feature in the room. However, accent lighting is mainly used to balance the light mesh as a whole. Finally, it can be a system of LED spotlights on a rail!

Can we install an LED ceiling light in the bathroom?

The bathroom requires good lighting, especially since this room is often small and lacking in natural light. The LED ceiling light provides the main lighting while complementing the lighting included in the furniture. Choose a recessed model, for example, a round LED ceiling light, for very small bathrooms, in order to save space, but also for lighting above the shower or the bathtub.

Also for the bathroom, it is essential to respect safety standards, a subject dealt with in our article " The IP protection index in detail ".

Ceiling LED bathroom

What type of LED ceiling light for the kitchen?

Here again, this type of luminaire will provide ambient lighting in the room, but also serve for task lighting, by being fixed above the main worktop. Add your wall light source to eliminate any shadow area and make the room more pleasant.

How many bright ceiling lights in a hallway or in an entrance?

This area of ​​the housing does not necessarily require compliance with the three layers of lighting, given its use and its narrowness. However, it is important to ensure the safety of people during the passage, for example, by installing an LED ceiling light.

In the case of a corridor wider than the standard ones, add wall lights in addition to your LED ceiling lamp.

Can a designer LED ceiling light be used in the bedroom?

The bedroom requires efficient lighting. If the bedside lamp is naturally useful, it is not sufficient, for example, for the main lighting, which should not be lacking in this room. The LED design ceiling light or any other type of lamp in this category will deliver useful brightness.

When it is visible, your ceiling light will deliver an elegant, soft lighting, while recessed, it will bring a modern and minimalist touch at the same time.

The LED ceiling light is also one of the most suitable luminaires for children's rooms, for the sake of the safety of young occupants!

Can we install LED ceiling lighting in the living room?

One thing to say, LED ceiling lighting is a must have product in the living room, as it complements the traditional floor lamp. Thanks to this association, the room no longer suffers from hard shadows. Do not hesitate to combine your ceiling light with a dimmer to create an atmosphere that is sometimes intimate and sometimes dynamic according to your needs.

What diameter of round LED ceiling light for interior lighting?

For a harmonious result, both in terms of aesthetics and lighting, it is important to choose a ceiling luminaire whose size is adapted to that of the room it will equip:

  • A room of less than 10m² - between 15 cm and 40 cm in diameter;

  • Between 10m² and 15m² - between 40 cm and 45 cm;

  • Between 15m² and 20m² - between 45 cm and 50 cm;

  • Beyond 20m² - More than 50 cm.

Timeless, efficient, the LED ceiling light is a must, the popularity of which is not to be debated. Whether it is a modern LED ceiling light, a designer LED ceiling light or any other model, this light source brings a touch of finesse to the lighting of every room in the house!