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Showing 1 - 60 of 122 items

Apply reading and reading light floor lamp

In the category floor lamps and floor reading lamps we offer wall equipped with a flexible arm and lights equipped with a reader. 

Are you passionate (e) by reading?
Indeed, nothing better than to read his favorite polar inside of his sofa or his bed? To bring you the comfort you deserve, you need a LED reading lamp that is the best solution at your disposal in the field of led lights.

The LED light has many advantages. First, the discretion with its small size, its energy consumption very reduced and its long service life. You can use this as well reading light in your living room in your bedroom. There are even models that you can install directly on the head of your bed in order to read pleasantly. So that the luminaire harmonizes with the decoration of your home, you can find lamps headboard in different colors, designs, materials, or warm white and neutral white. On the other hand, this lamp delivers a luminous flux of high accuracy in order to get the best possible reading comfort. And that, without that other people who are in the room to be disturbed, even at night.

A large number of these lighting have an adjustable head for the light beam to be directed as desired. We invite you to read this topic simple, but very useful.

Nowadays, the lamp of reading knows a considerable success, particularly among people who like to read at night before going to sleep. It is true that these lights exude a light beam directly on the book. Most of the time, they have an adjustable head and articulated in order to direct the light with greater precision.

The different types of reading light

It should be noted that we can today find different types of lamps for reading in order to meet the specific needs of each. This includes to:

The head of bed equipped with a flexible lamp applies:

As their name implies, this type of luminaire clings to the wall. Therefore place them in height so that the light it delivers arrives directly on your book or tablet. It should be noted that this type of eReader headboard is very popular now and it can find its place both in the rooms as in the living room.

The reading light floor lamp:

Also called floor lamp with reading light naturally finds its place in the living room. Indeed, it allows to comfortably read a book or consult its tablet, while enjoying a light enough and sweet that will bring a cosy relaxing atmosphere. It should be noted that these LED to reading lamps are available in different materials to match the décor of the room.

The reading light:

This fixture is to be installed ideally on a piece of furniture. It should leave a distance of 40 cm between you and the lamp, in order to avoid that the light cannot dazzle you.

The portable lamp:

Accessory for avid readers, this type of reading LED light attaches directly to the book. This lamp will bring you a certain amount of light, and it will allow you to read with comfort once more in the evening. Note that this lamp will also allow you to be used as a flashlight to illuminate an area in a room, also called flashlight and this type of luminaire offers a light neutral color to enhance your reading comfort and that in all circumstances.

No matter the type of LED light for reading, you have chosen, it is always advisable to opt for a luminaire that offers a spread of 45 ° angle. He is also, it provides a level of brightness between 300 and 500 lux.

How to choose his reading light floor lamp or its reader applies?

When it comes to choosing a reading lamp, it should be first to account for your reading habits. Do you often read in bed, in your office or in your couch? Moreover, did you have the habit of reading in the late afternoon or in the evening before go you to bed?

For the room:

Where you want to install your fixture in your room, you should opt for appliques reading lights with adjustable arms and head. You just set it on the head of your bed or wall of the room in order to get adequate light to read.   
You can also use a flashlight torch with tongs, which, as its name suggests, focus directly on a support or if it is a small size, directly on your book. In this way, you're not disturbing your partner. It must simply ensure that the light output fits your needs and be neither too strong nor too weak light and opt for a light fixture with a moderate light.

For the office:

If you need a desk lamp, it is advisable to opt for a luminaire with adjustable head and which broadcasts a light that does not dazzle. The ideal is the luminous flux is close to the light of day, in order not to tire your eyes unnecessarily.

For stay:

To read comfortably in your living room, you must choose a reading light floor lamp consisting of a rigid body and an airship and flexible reading light. The ideal is to opt for this type of fixture which has the advantage of bringing two additional light sources, namely direct and indirect. You can place your light next to your sofa or your Chair to take advantage of the powerful lighting it disseminates.

Quality lighting that adapts to your needs

The reading light is distinguished by the quality of the light that it broadcasts, the comfort it offers when you read as well as the wide variety of models that exist. You can easily find the luminaire which adapts with the decoration of the room, improving the aesthetics of your home. Indeed, there are models in plastic, glass, wood, aluminum, brass, in other metals, or even textile.

Moreover, these fixtures fit without difficulty in the style of decoration of the room. Whether your House type industrial, retro, modern, country, design, classic, antique, rustic, you can always find the LED lamp which will be adapted to the reading should be. Indeed, children need to read, and that's why there are templates whose decorative style must appeal to your children. The reading light must adapt to his tastes and his room.
Also, be aware that this type of fixture is now available in various colors. If bronze, chrome and brass are at the top of the preferences, you can still find lights in white, anthracite, blue, beige, brass, in pink, gold, gray, silver, olive green, nickel, Opal or composed of a Lampshade oyster shell, white or black.

Moreover, the designers compete to offer fixtures to the original shapes. If some prefer the round models, others choose squares, cubes, ovals, cylinders, spheres, the rectangular or even the linear. It is even possible to find reading consisting of a Lampshade and a flexible lamp lights. This solution allows to keep the consistency of your decoration. Also, be aware that it is possible to choose the color for your fixture lamp temperature. So, you can opt for a warm white that goes from 2 700 to 3 000 Kelvins, cold white to 6 000 Kelvins, or even a neutral white 4 000 Kelvins. However, it is the latter that is recommended by many experts insofar as it does not tire the eyes.

The criteria for a reading lamp

As we have seen previously, there are a multitude of lights for reading. These perfectly meet everyone's expectations. Moreover, you can enjoy a number of options to make the most of your fixture. It's as well as some portable models are equipped with a USB socket to recharge them or feed them directly on your Smartphone or your computer USB port. This kind of luminaire can be transported anywhere, allowing you to read comfortably in the garden, in the car or on a trip. There are models that have batteries that autonomy can reach up to 20 hours.

Other models have a dimmer to adjust the brightness to your needs. You can also find LED reading luminaires have a swivel head or an articulated arm to direct the light beam with precision. It is also possible to be seduced by a retractable shade so that you can adjust the level of brightness according to your needs. On the other hand, the use of the LED has many benefits for households. First, these fixtures to reduce your energy consumption up to 90%. In addition, the lifetime of LEDs is exceptional since the more efficient models are around 100,000 hours of light. Finally, it only takes him 1 W only for light, against 25 W for the compact fluorescent bulb, 45 W for the bulb halogen and five times more than the latter for the traditional incandescent bulb which is doomed to disappear in the short term.

The most common models of LED lights

Nowadays, LED lamps for reading with aged bronze finish are popular with many decorators and interior designers. You can also indulge in a model with two heads where wood blends with happiness with the metal for a harmonious blend with an incomparable aesthetics. In the living room, there are many who opt for a reading light floor lamp, whether the latter is flexible or not. In the room, we can install on your headboard a reader applies that the end is adjustable for reading safely and in comfort. Fans of original style can opt for a flexible fixture in money which the end is adorned with an oval-shaped lamp.

If you like out in the open air or in your garden, USB rechargeable flashlights are for you the most. Small and very light, they get carried away everywhere so you can read in comfort. There are also Portable models with double lamps that you can simply fix on your book for optimal lighting. In terms of design, you have a wide choice to succeed the marriage between your lighting and decorating your home. It is tempting to opt for reading metal lamp model which is a classic, you can try out of the beaten track to gather a luminaire whose style differs from your home in your stay. This subtle contrast can really create a new atmosphere in your home, since this type of LED light will play full here its decorative function, apart from his role as lighting.    

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