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How to install LED spotlight?

LED Spotlight

LED lighting has been all the rage for several years and for very good reasons. Economical, perfect for the preservation of the environment, versatile, low energy consumption, durable, the lights belonging to this category are gradually replacing the old incandescent and halogen versions. Focus on the LED spotlight, a chic and modern light source for indoors, but also for outdoors!

What are the advantages of LED lighting?

LED lighting has many advantages:

  • The luminosity comes from electrons,
  • It does not generate heat,
  • It requires much less energy to illuminate as much as a traditional bulb,
  • It is shock and vibration resistant,
  • It is available in different colors,
  • It has a lifespan almost 50 times longer than conventional lighting,
  • The best manufacturers offer LED lighting products that can last for about 10 years, or 100,000 hours of continuous use,
  • An LED bulb saves up to 75% of energy, or 11 to 12 watts for a brightness comparable to that delivered by a 50-watt incandescent bulb.

What kind of LED spotlight should be used in the rooms of the house?

Each room in the house has its own lighting requirements. So, you should choose the right lighting for your activities and tasks. Overall, you should choose one of the following two types of LED spotlights:

  • For warm white lighting;
  • For colored lighting

Where can you use LED spotlight?

Here, there are two rules to remember:

  • LED lighting can be used in areas where a lot of light is needed, such as cooking, working, etc. The objective is to obtain a concentrated brightness on a point.
  • The LED spotlight also provides a diffused and elegant lighting, perfect for illuminating ceilings, walls and furniture. In such a case, please choose LED downlight.

Which light color for which room?

Here, we talk about color temperature. What to remember:

  • Warm white is suitable for relaxing spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms.
  • The cold white is recommended in rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom.

How many LED down lights do you need per square meter?

Above all, do not rely on the power of a bulb to determine the brightness it delivers! We advise you to calculate the quantity of light to obtain a satisfactory result and in the following way:

  • 100 to 200 lux per m² for corridor and bedroom lighting;
  • 100 to 200 lux for the living room, lounge and toilets;
  • 200 to 300 lux for the kitchen, bathroom, work area

Example to calculate the number of lux for a room: you want to buy a bathroom LED spotlight that delivers 200 lux.

The bathroom measures 7 m² (to obtain the surface, multiply the depth by the width)

200 lux X 7 = 1400, meaning that the room requires a total of 1400 lux.

1400 (lux needed) / 200 (lux delivered by each bathroom spotlight) = 7

In our example, 7 spots are needed to light the 7 m² bathroom.

How much space should be left between each LED spotlight?

Allow a minimum distance of about 10 cm between each light spot, whether it is high voltage (highest number after GU / large spikes) or low voltage (lowest number after GU / small spikes).

Also provide a minimum of 50 cm between the spots and any flammable material for the safety of the premises and people.

recessed LED spotlight

How reliable is the outdoor recessed LED spotlight?

For safe use of outdoor recessed LED spotlight, here are our tips:

  • For floor recessed spotlights, choose IP67 protection rating;
  • For underwater recessed spotlights, choose an IP68 ;
  • For sheltered areas, choose IP44 spotlights, waterproof only from the front.

How to properly orientate outdoor LED spotlight or indoor LED spotlight?

If you want to invest in a LED strip light, here are the things you need to keep in mind to make the beam angle optimal.

What is the beam angle? It is the width of the light beam of the bulb. The wider it is, the wider area your indoor LED spotlight will cover.

For example, a beam angle of 20 to 40° is preferably used for decorative lighting, i.e., to highlight an area or object.

Beyond 40°, your LED ceiling spotlight will deliver a wider light, perfect for large work spaces.

LED spotlight connection, the steps

If you want to install LED spotlights in your home, unless you have a strong electrical background, always seek the help of a certified professional.

List of required tools:

  • A hole saw of the diameter of your spotlight (be careful if it is a mini LED spotlight!);
  • A drill compatible with the hole saw;
  • A jigsaw if you want to install a square spotlight;
  • A guide wire or string;
  • A flat electric screwdriver;
  • A Phillips electric screwdriver;
  • A voltmeter;
  • A measuring tape;
  • A pencil.

The 6 steps to follow

1) Read the assembly instructions of the LED light, and then turn off the power by checking that it is in all the cables that you will handle with the voltmeter.

2) Draw the areas where you will place each recessed spot. Feel free to reproduce the diameter of the spot on a paper or cardboard template.

3) Drill the openings for the LED spots.

4) Lay the connections using the guide string to determine the correct length of electrical cable.

5) Plug in the transformer and attach the flush-mounted part.

6) Screw in bulb

Contact the Côté Lumière team to ask your questions!

LED lighting is a rich world, so it is quite normal to have questions or even need help before buying a lighting product. Our team will answer and assist you by phone and email!