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LED spot light

Them LED lighting are for all media and all parts, both inside and outside.

To make effective and discreet lighting in your House or in your apartment, go for the spots. These fixtures have become essential in the lighting of a home and they are divided into several types, the spots can be recessed or apparent, fixed or adjustable.
The installation of LED spotlights and LED ceiling will provide the main basis of the lighting in your home.
They allow you to bring your home lighting light rendering effective and targeted. With recent technologies, it's easy to find a spot LED to your requirements, power color, of decorative style, whether round or square.
Both discreet and aesthetic, the spots equipped with LED bulbs only consume very little electricity and bulbs or LED modules integrated have a lifespan much longer than our old halogen bulbs. Therefore, we can say this type of luminaires are good factories and are made to last in time.
In the family of LED lightsThere is a system of lamp called LED headband. This type of fixture is, in addition to being easy to install, an invisible system. Integrated into a channel of 1 to 1.5 cm thick, you will be able to choose the desired length. This profile will be placed on furniture or built into the wall.
This system allows you to minimize the space dedicated to the fixture while providing a supplementary light source. Subtly, it will support the existing lighting.
Some LED spotlights are fitted with built-in lights, others are not delivered with bulbs. In this case, it will be possible to choose the bulb which will best meet your expectations in terms of color, power or light rendering temperature.

The apparent LED spot or the recessed spot?

The recessed ceiling or downlight spot gives a powerful lighting and target, compact and discreet, the LED recessed spot offers an effective solution to illuminate your home.
Before planning this type of luminaire as the basis of lighting for your home, it is important to look at the distance available for installation of the recessed spots, we'll talk embedment depth or space required to install this lamp type. If the built-in spot is compact and doesn't take much on the installed surface, always allow enough space inside the ceiling to receive the wiring and bulb (technical part).
If you don't have the possibility to install LED recessed spots, it is always possible to place a ceiling spot light.
This spot is simple and equipped with a classic or bulb composed of various light bulbs, this fixture will always apparent structure, that is, nothing should be integrated or embedded into your ceiling.
As explained, it may consist of one or several light sources in LED, they are often more adjustable than a recessed spot, because the axis on which will be fixed the bulb can be oriented in all directions.
Your spot is recessed LED or LED ceiling light, the two systems offer a hand, aesthetic and minimalist appearance for the integrated and functional for the apparent, both will provide real added value both from the point of view of the light comfort. the potential orientation and scenographic effect.

Halogen or LED spotlight spot?

No doubt and in recent years, the LED bulb or LED module finally resumed the letters of nobility that had our old halogen bulbs.
On the one hand by the light rendering became almost identical, on the other hand by the appearance, longevity and economic is to go.

With the appearance of Reflector Halogen bulbs low-voltage GU53 or 220-volt type GU10, recessed spots and spots apparent experienced a real enthusiasm in the field of lighting design and functional. This type of fixture often called technical lighting has become a must-see among designers and interior designers to achieve in restaurants, hotels and small to small first light sources inside of our lighting.
A new look at lighting, point of view effect light, rendering, that bulbs produce by the game and the rebuilding of the light, the heat of the temperature of light the bulb produces, was born.

The first LED bulbs.
In recent years, and in order to reduce the environmental impact, LED bulbs have started to flood the market. Initially, these bulbs we we especially sold the economic aspect, but did not to our expectations and color temperature, often much too bluish color views and in terms of power.

Current LED bulbs.
Depending on the power and rendering lumen can be found, the new generation of LED bulb offers power similar to our light bulbs halogen classics. Anyway, I draw your attention that the price of a good LED light bulb remains more expensive than the price of a conventional bulb. This price difference is the technology used in these bulbs, or what we call the module LED or power LED.
Life is also not the same as this type of bulb has a longer lifetime up to 8 times.
It is however possible to find LED bulbs at very low prices in large hardware stores, but beware, even though outside of a cheap bulb looks outside a quality bulb, you must be interested in the quality of LED that composes the product and these technical features: Lumen, Color Temperature, duration of life...

What LED spotlight pick for your home?

In order to target the LED spot you need at best, it is important to know the location or want to place it. The differences that we can have will be at the level of the temperature of color, the IP rating and if the spot will be apparent or built-in.

For a bathroom :
It will take a waterproof LED spot that will have a protection class with at least IP44. We'll prefer to equip this spot with an LED bulb warm white 2700K to 3000K from.
If this spot is to light a mirror, it will be recommended a LED bulb with a neutral white 4000K temperature. 

For a salon :
In living as a lounge rooms, we'll always preferred to use spots using bulbs type warm white 2700 K or 4000 K neutral white, and depending on the desired atmosphere. It is also interesting to be able to vary the intensity of the light bulb to bring the amount of light you want at the right time.
The living room is usually equipped with other lamps, it is recommended to place recessed spots to reduce the visual clutter on the ceiling. If you want using these spots illuminate a table, it will be in this case better use an apparent LED spot to guide its light beam on the object to be highlighted at best.
Attention, must absolutely never overload your ceilings, the LED spots must be discreet and effective. These are additional lighting, they are generally placed in perimeter of a room. Do not create a checkerboard on your ceiling.

For a kitchen. 
Certainly one of the most important rooms in the House is the kitchen. This place is only a room dedicated to the preparation of your dishes, but she has also become a place of life, which is, today, often open on the rest of the House.
From the technical point of view, it is important to provide sufficient lighting for all areas of shadows.
Nothing is more unpleasant that to prepare the kitchen, follow a recipe book in a dimly lit room, located in your back lighting will automatically create a grey area on the workspace in front of you.
To meet the requirements imposed by a modern kitchen, takes two types of lighting.
The first will be technical, he will think to put in the different places of passage of the LED spots. Whether they are built-in or apparent, they will be hunting in poorly lit areas. By placing black recessed ceiling spots, they will also contribute to the aesthetics of the room giving a contrast to your ceiling.
Also think about the lighting of the work plan, one located below hanging furniture. There are various solutions, either in corner spots, ribbons LED.
Once your technical lighting has been installed, the second type of lighting advised for a kitchen will be "decorative" said lighting.
Gone are the days or our kitchens were fitted with a simple central suspension or a ceiling light with bulbs economic and cold.

The modern kitchen has become a place of life, this room is locked and hidden, but open on the House inviting our guests to take an aperitif or to move our family meals. 
Kitchen have understood, because it is often proposed opening of type "kitchen" and Central Islands. 
To give your room a warm atmosphere as well as the aspect practice LED spotlights, the idea is to illuminate your central island of small suspension in order to punctuate on hot points of light work plan.  

What power you choose for your LED spot?

The simplest calculation is to say that a spot 5W to 8W LED can light a surface of 2 to 4 m.
However, watts correspond to the energy used by the bulb, take into account the lumens to know truly the light output of a light bulb.
The power of a light bulb may differ from one manufacturer to the other and some 8 watt bulb will give the same power as a 5 watt bulb.

What angle you choose for a LED spot?

We can distinguish two types of different angles that are divided into three families.

Tight ranging from 10 to 25 ° angle
This type of angle is used to accurately target an object or direct beam bulb in a specific location.

The Middle angles ranging from 36 to 40 °
It's the angle most used to equip recessed spots that are placed in a room with a ceiling height standard of 2, 5 m. This angle allows less dazzling LED spots.

The wide angles ranging from 80 to 120 °
This angle allows to have a very wide luminous flux and akin to a scattering of light equivalent to a conventional bulb.
Generally used for recessed spots when the ceiling height is very low.

What is the Temperature of color for a LED bulb?

When buying a LED bulb, it is important to choose the color temperature that will give the bulb. Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (° K), you will find temperatures of 2500 ° K up to the cool white 6000 ° K warm white.

Warm white: 2700 ° K to 3200 ° K
The color temperature is close to the temperature of the bulbs halogen classics.

Neutral white: 3900 ° k 4500 ° K
White neutral or bright white is a temperature less yellow and more white.

Cool white: 5000 ° K to 6500 ° K
It is the record of the temperature closest to the light of day.

What is the LED spot warm?

To produce the same amount of light as a halogen bulb, the LED bulb emits 90% heat and less.
The LED bulb hand heat backwards, so it is important to always provide sufficient space behind the LED spot so that it can cool down.
For the built-in LED spotlights, it is important to provide good ventilation behind this spot to ensure a long lifetime of the product. 

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