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List of products by manufacturer Elimex

Elimex: a sure value for equipping your residences!

Elimex is a public limited company (SA) specialising in the wholesale of electrical, electronic and lighting equipment. Its head office is based in Brussels, Belgium. This distributor markets the Elix Belgium brand and many others. In the lighting market, Elix brand light bulbs are a reference. Moreover, they are offered in the major DIY stores. However, its range is not limited to lighting, or includes other materials in terms of connectors, wires and cables, telephony, etc.

Returning to its history, Elimex is a company founded in 1963 by Georges Kohner and Georges Goossens. It is a large-scale company that has built up a reputation since its creation. Originally, it was active in the distribution of electronic components and rooftop antennas. Over the years, it has expanded its field of activity and now offers electronic systems, electronic accessories and measuring instruments. These products are available on Côté Lumière.

A range of lighting fixtures with a singular style

The lighting solutions offered by Elimex are aimed at the residential market. They include luminaires, central power supplies, dominoes, and many more. The luminaires of this brand are quite basic in their design. They are, a priori, functional to light your interiors. Elimex designers use timeless raw materials to suit all interior styles. As a specialist in the field of lighting, they put the spotlight on the bulb for its suspensions, wall lights and even floor lamps. A brand style that stands out from the crowd. These lighting fixtures are designed to adhere to contemporary, vintage, industrial, Scandinavian and classic style houses.

Elimex floor lamps have a very original style that stands out from the usual models. In fact, they can be used even without lampshades. The same goes for its wall light. Simply match it with the brand's bulbs with visible LED filaments. They project a warm light to brighten up your living spaces. In another, larger version, the luminaires belonging to the Atelier collection have a lampshade or even a classic reflector, but which is available in different colours: black, white, silver, chrome. In the wall-mounted version, its articulated arm can be adjusted to direct the light towards a particular area of the room.

For outdoor lighting, Helix bollards are the ideal luminaires for illuminating a driveway, car park, terrace, garden or the entrance to your home. It is characterised by their 5 W SMD LED bulb which has a life of 25,000 hours. In the same collection, there are outdoor wall lights designed to resist the vagaries of time. In any case, the products in the Helix range are made to last. Moreover, they are made with a special type of steel that protects the device against corrosion up to 6 times more than a classic rust effect.

Elimex rails, high quality power supplies

For your electrical installations, Elimex has all kinds of rails to supply your lighting fixtures with the same system. Aware that the linear connector is always indispensable, Elimex develops different solutions as a central power supply. In their design, the brand relies on high-quality materials combined with modern and innovative design. Most of the rails have a very harmonious modular concept. In addition to this, their patented and award-winning systems consist of a high-strength aluminium profile.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items