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List of products by manufacturer Halo Design

Halo Design - the simple elegance of Copenhagen | WE CREATE THE LIGHT

What is "typically Danish"?
Vikings, love of royalty and "Dannebrog" would spontaneously come to mind.

But "hygge" (comfort) is also very important here. And what better way to bring this unique attitude to life in your own home than with classic, sober but at the same time innovative and exciting lighting. Halo Design has already made a name for itself in this field in the Scandinavian region - and now you can buy the whole range of Danish "halo design" at a very reasonable price from us in the Côté Lumière online shop.

Michael Waltersdorff founded the company HALO DESIGN at the age of 18. More by chance than by design. It all started when he was in a fashion shop with a friend and found the lamps of the rope system installed there far too hot to feel comfortable and change clothes in the changing room. "There has to be a better way," he thought. Immediately said, immediately done - with the aim of combining modern technology with functional design solutions that people can identify with. In short: advanced technology, clear design and above all - affordable for everyone.

And the concept works - for 25 years now.

He himself once said in an interview: "I focus on our Danish culture! It makes it easier for us when we are at a trade fair, for example. People recognize it at first glance - it's Danish design!

The company, which is based in Farum Sogn, a municipality west of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, now has 26 employees. But even today, owner Michael Waltersdorff still designs and develops most of the HALO lamps himself with passion. He compares himself to a fuse that lights up when it comes to creating beautifully designed lamps. Another pillar was created with "Colors by Copenhagen". Unique and fantastic lamps, with great and absolutely innovative effects, are the perfect complement to the Halo-Design lamps and luminaires that you can find, among others, in our wall lights.

The desire to deepen the design departments and the designers' experience of more than 20 years made it time to think differently. Thus, in 2016, the "Watt a Lamp" brand was launched under the leadership of Danish designers Rikke Hagen and Andreas Lund. "Our ambition is to create lamps that remain bright for many years. Lamps that are the result of care and a good idea. Lamps with an eye for whimsical details, sensual dimensions and revolutionary technologies".

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Showing 1 - 31 of 31 items