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Showing 1 - 60 of 975 items

All your suspensions for your interior lights

The suspension, a timeless light to be fixed to the ceiling

Suspension lighting comes in a wide range of shapes, styles, colors and shades, making it both a practical and a decorative element. Mounted on the ceiling and recognizable by its visible power cord, the pendant light contributes to a coherent and balanced lighting plan. Capable of focusing light to make work easier, the pendant light is a perfect opportunity to light up while enjoying yourself.

What kind of suspension is available online?

The online store Côté Lumière has not done things by halves. We have selected for you new products, classified in different categories:

  • Industrial suspension;
  • Wooden suspension;
  • Bedroom hanging lamp;
  • Hanging lamp;
  • Children's hanging lamp;
  • Modern suspension;
  • Chandelier ;
  • Kitchen suspension;
  • Design hanging lamp;
  • Glass hanging lamp;
  • LED hanging lamp;
  • Suspension spot.

How to choose a suspension ?

There are several criteria to consider: the size of the room, the amount of light needed, the type of shade to create a particular atmosphere.

How big is the area or room where you want to set your lighting? Imagine how a rattan pendant with a large shade would look against a black pendant or even a modern, sleek and understated gold pendant.

Will your pendant light be used for general room lighting or a specific area (above the dining table, coffee table, work island, etc.)?

Calculate the amount of light needed to illuminate the area you are interested in. If you choose a pendant with an LED bulb, the amount of light required is expressed in lumens. For example, for your bedroom, you will need between 1500 lumens and 3000 lumens. For the living room and the dining room, the ideal luminous flux varies between 3000 and 5000 lumens. As for the bathroom, navigate between 2000 and 4000 lumens.

Do you want a transparent or opaque shade for your light fixture? For example, with a transparent glass shade, you will get a homogeneous lighting in the whole room, while in metal, porcelain, smoked glass, the light will be concentrated towards the bottom. Don't forget that this accessory comes in various materials, blown or milky glass, fabric, paper, wood, fiberglass, etc.

Finally, do you want a suspension model whose bulb is visible under the shade or that it remains hidden?

In which room of the house can a suspension system be installed?

In fact, whether it's a designer pendant light or a completely different model, this type of ceiling light can be installed in any room in the house.

Some ideas:

  • In the kitchen, it is often installed in several copies above the island while it will be unique above the dining table;

  • Above a counter, it is installed, again in several copies, to delimit the space;

  • In the bedroom, it replaces the bedside lamp, being fixed on both sides of the bed;

  • In the entrance hall, it welcomes in a warm atmosphere while facilitating the circulation;

  • In the bathroom, it replaces the sconces.

At what height should a hanging chandelier be fixed?

It is generally recommended to fix it leaving 70 to 90 cm between the edge of the shade and the top of the surface to be lit, if it is a table, a countertop, a kitchen island, etc.

If your light fixture is intended to light a room, attach it leaving 1.50m and 1.80m between the edge of the shade and the floor.

In the case of several light sources, leave 60 to 75 cm between each light source.

In the water room, the bathroom pendant should be at eye level.

Can the length of the power cord be adjusted?

Good news, you have the possibility to adjust the length of the power cable of your ceiling light. Indeed, this type of lighting is usually provided with a "cable clamp" that allows you to :

  • Move the cable in or out according to the desired length;

  • When done, leave the excess wire in the plastic bell of the lamp;

  • Attach the pavilion to the ceiling.

What width and length for a pendant light?

The size of the suspension affects the atmosphere of the room. Too large and it creates a feeling of crushing and too small and it does not provide enough light.

  • To determine the ideal width of your future suspension, measure the length and width of the room that will be equipped and add the two:

Length (in meters) + width (in meters) = width in centimeters

  • To determine the ideal length for hanging your light fixture, measure your ceiling height and divide by 5.5 :

If the height between the floor and the ceiling is 2.5 m / 5.5 = 0.45 cm, the bottom of your suspension should stop at 45 cm from the ceiling.

Hanging lamp: our tips zone by zone

This type of light source is not installed in the same way in an entrance hall as above a table. Our advice for a successful lighting in any point thanks to this original and timeless luminary:

In the middle of a room

If the light source is in the center of a room and above a table or other type of flat surface, you'll get effective lighting that doesn't get in the way. If there is no wheel under your light fixture, mount it so that no one bumps their head against the shade.

Above a table

We generally recommend leaving 70 to 90 cm between the edge of the shade and the top of the surface to be lit. However, this guideline can be increased or decreased depending on your wishes and needs, but also on the size of the light fixture and the height of the ceiling. This is the perfect opportunity to show your audacity with a beautiful vertigo suspension, similar to an elephant ear.

Need two types of lighting, ambient or task, with a single ceiling fixture? Consider the famous dimmer, which allows you to modulate the power of the light with a simple button!

In the kitchen

Perfect for task lighting, it provides adequate illumination when installed 70 cm to 90 cm above the island. For general lighting, it can be installed at 1.80m from the floor.

In the entrance of the house

In the entrance or hallway, it provides light while casting aesthetic shadows. If you have a high ceiling, fix your light low enough to avoid creating a crushing sensation. Here, the cane suspension works wonders, with its warm material.

In the staircase

The staircase needs effective lighting, but don't let that stop you from transforming the area into an architectural feature. Hang your lighting high enough to clear the space and create a sense of grandeur: leave 45 to 60 cm between the bottom edge of the hanging shade and the top of the tallest person's head in the house!

In the room

As a bedside lamp, your lighting will find its place on either side of the bed.

Above the foot of the bed, this type of lighting works wonders both in terms of brightness and decoration.

In the bathroom

Swap traditional sconces for pendant lights, mounted on either side of the mirror. Choose a model with an IP rating suitable for wet areas.

Can we install a suspension outside the house?

Pendant lighting is best used under covered porches and porches. Consider adding a modern touch with industrial style!

How much does a suspension cost?

Note that this type of ceiling fixture has gained popularity in recent years with modern designs at low prices.

At Côté Lumière, we want to please everyone! Whether you are looking for a wicker or a driftwood pendant, simply use our filter to modulate the price range according to your budget.