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Showing 1 - 60 of 1015 items

All your suspensions for your interior lights

You are looking for a lamp for your ceiling?
We can offer you many different choices for your suspension from the bulbs hanging to the design chandelier. Our luminaires of brands are there to satisfy all tastes and at any price. Suspension luminaire the simplest to the most elaborate, from the most traditional to the most design, all modes are available with Côté Lumière. Our selection of suspended lighting will satisfy every style of interior decoration.

The chandelier is a decorative luminaire usually installed in rooms to live like the living room or the dining room.  This fixture to highlight this space while providing the main light source in the room. The selected lamp will also give the General hue of the room.

It is also possible to place a decorative chandelier in an entrance hall or in a stairwell, needed in this case at least a more than 2.5 meters ceiling height so that the lamp can be highlighted without crushing space where it will be placed.

How high should we fix a chandelier or a suspension luminaire?

A suspended lamp is by definition a ceiling lamp that is suspended, she's going to take a certain volume in the space and its size will have a Visual impact in the place where it will be placed. Some criteria are to be considered for the choice and the implementation of your suspension luminaire.

The diameter of the lamp:
According to the room where the light fixture will be installed, the size of the lamp that you choose will be very important.
In a room or the ceiling to a great height, you will be able to choose a suspension luminaire with a large diameter. It will be enough space to be suspended and will be able to take its magnitude to bring to the piece a real aesthetic and decorative presence.

The second criterion to be taken into account will be your ceiling height:
For a living room like the living room, kitchen or any other room in the House where there is passage. It will be very important to not bring it down too low.
The goal is not to hinder traffic in space, but also not to block the gaze on the piece.
More than this ceiling height will be large, or more the lamp can have a large diameter and at most it can go down.
For a ceiling height standard of 2.5 meters, required a maximum distance ranging from 30 to 40 cm from the ceiling at the bottom of the fixture happens at a maximum height 2,10 meters above the ground.

Some small subtleties exist:
The size of the lamp and its height of wires can, in some cases, do not take into account the two rules seen previously.
Suspended glass will melt away in space, consisting of a transparent shade, light will cross it and will automatically appear much lighter.
Will be able to be placed in cluster and it will play on a pace with different heights.
Tell airline such as suspension rattan lamps or suspension design will bring a real presence to your space. They are graphic and their design will contribute to the overall atmosphere of the room.
These lamps are going to have a double purpose. The first will be to spread the light and the second to contribute to the existing decoration sublimating your interior.

The place where will be placed the suspended luminaire.

It is possible to place a lamp suspended in almost every room of the House. However, the style and the size of the lamp will be different in function that placed in a living room, above a dining table or luminaire for a kitchen.

What luster choose for your living room:

The living room is a major piece in the House, it is a place where we like our friends, but it is also a place of relaxation and rest.
For this piece, we will pay much attention to his style and decoration will play an important role.
It is therefore natural that the chandelier finds its place in this room.
In the universe of fixtures, and especially design lamps, the current trend is oriented on large dimensions. These range from 80 centimeters to over a meter. Although your ceiling height is not Haussmann, you wish to place the suspension luminaire design that typed you in the eye. However, this lamp has a much too large to be suspended.
Actually, you must, take into account the fact that the lamp of your dreams doesn't bother the vision in the room and that it becomes more cumbersome than aesthetics.

But then what?
It is always possible to place the lamp as close to the ceiling and keep only a very short length of cable fixing. By this tip, you can hang your lamp without adding space or it will be installed.
Attention, for a ceiling height standard of 2.5 m, it will be important to not take a lamp that has a diameter greater than 80 cm. Otherwise this trick will not work.
A large light fixture does always mean a lamp that takes a lot of space in height. It is possible to have lights with a large diameter, but with very little thickness. The Vertigo chandelier is an air lamp that gives to the room where it is placed the personable while bringing a touch of decorative and graphic.

Our Board, prefer a great light over your dining room table.
This lamp will put your meals highlight space and will furnish the space or it will be installed.

The ideal choice for a chandelier room dining.
How to properly light your table with a luminaire for room to eat?

To properly illuminate a table design or a more conventional table, the method will be the same and will depend on a few important criteria.
In addition to dress up your dining room, this lamp must provide a quantity of necessary and sufficient light to the meal.
This light must be nice and warm and should provide enough light, but without being too dazzling for not to dazzle your guests.
The trick to deal with this inconvenience and to adjust the intensity of the lamp at best is to drive with a switch that allows the variation of the light intensity.
Align the lamp to your table and the space where it will be installed.
You must keep in mind its size and footprint, because your light must be proportionate to the room where he will be suspended, it must neither be too large nor too small.

The style of lamp that you choose to light your table will also be influenced by the dining room table model that you have.
The shape of your table is an element that will influence the choice of lamp which will be placed above it.
If the table is round, opt for a light fixture that has a round shape, if the table is rectangular, opt for a suspension show who will keep a proportion and balance in the space so that it does not exceed 30% of the length of table.

The universe of the light kitchen :

The kitchen lighting is very special, because it requires a great reflection. The kitchen is one of the rooms of the House where lighting is most important.
It must be pleasant and functional, it will be important to take into account, that only one suspension kitchen will not be sufficient, but it will be a complement to light and an important decorative element.
Depending on your power supply which is located in the center of the room or positioned above your kitchen table, it will be possible to y ' install, a ceiling light kitchen or kitchen a chandelier.
The style of the fixture you choose will enhance the decorative side of the room.
A Scandinavian chandelier or a suspension ball will bring to your kitchen an effect and a touch of modernity. Timeless, this modern chandelier is going to be painted metal or glass to facilitate cleaning.
The neo and the industrial style are again the taste of the day. This type of lamp vintage is more put forward for the interior design of a kitchen.
It is possible to find plenty of models for the choice of an industrial suspension. Available in small hanging lamp of type bistro, they are generally composed of a cupola whose white reflector brings up a light bulb filament.
They can also take larger sizes and must be taken into account that the industrial design lamp will have a strong presence in your room.
These lamps give a wink and authentic character to the room where they are placed. Industrial suspension, different colors are available and you will be able to choose a patinated metal, suspended copper finish.

Your kitchen has a center island?
With the addition of fine lamps suspended and arranged in a series, the island will receive a supplement of more focused light.
Remember to have an odd number, a series of lamps consisting of small suspension drop or luminous globe shaped glass. The decorative and practical effect will be guaranteed.
For the amount of suspension spot to predict, it will be always more elegant place them in odd number, the Visual and the rendering will be more harmonious. 

Also consider your fill light, it can be made with a judiciously placed kitchen LED Strip under the hanging furniture.
Using a kitchen spot, will bring additional light to your sink tray.

The chandelier in a room:

Whether you opt for a Lampshade suspension or a design suspension luminaire, the room must be equipped with a lamp that will give a dim light and soft. The room is above all a place of relaxation, and it will be imperative to banish any direct and cold white light.
For a child's room, the rules remain the same, but it will be possible to play with the forms that they are round, square, plane or star-shaped. Let your imagination speak and bring magic to the space thanks to your suspension room.

For a bath:

In a room of water, it will be advisable to place a suspension ball glass, and if your ceiling is low, we can only advise you to place a chrome finish LED ceiling light. This will be less cumbersome and will give your bathroom the amount of enough light without weighing down your space.

What is the ideal size for my chandelier?

Based on the high ceiling of the room, or where you want to place your chandelier LED, the size of the lamp will be different.
For a part that will not exceed the 15 square meters, we recommend to watch suspension luminaire not to exceed 40 cm in diameter.
For a room size medium more or less 20 square meters, a chandelier up to 50 cm in diameter will be in harmony with the space to illuminate.
For large spaces, you can place the lamp that you like. It is possible to place a copper luster or a wide suspension air, everything is possible.
If you have a large room, but your choice is on a small lamp, opt to dispose of several cluster and play with different heights.

What bulb you choose for a chandelier?

The first rule is to never exceed the power suggested by the luminaire. This indicated power corresponds to the maximum power that can receive the soquet where will be placed the bulb, but also the temperature that the bulb will clear. For older fixtures, this power is calculated from our old light bulbs which had a significantly larger than our current LED bulbs use.
The bulb type will depend on the desired function and support where it should be placed.
It's a classic bulb type (small screw) E14 or E27 (large screws), there are of course many other types of bulbs available on the market.

How to calculate the power of a light bulb and its light rendering?

There is a standard that advise to put an ampoule of 20-25 W or 290 lm per m², depending on the piece to illuminate, you can easily calculate how many bulbs you need.
Light rendering will be expressed in lumen and the color temperature in degrees Kelvin. For a suspension lounge, we recommend that you use a warm white which will be expressed between 2500 ° K and 3500 ° K, the temperature of color will bring to your home a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
Finally, it will also take into account the real value of your contemporary chandelier and rendering you want to bring to your room.
If your chandelier design gives an amount of top to your needs light, it will get one on lighting, it will be the same for an amount of insufficient light which will give your space of shadows. In both cases, you may have a Visual discomfort and that's what absolutely avoid otherwise, this beautiful fixture will be never turned on because only poorly adapted to your interior.

To facilitate your search and offers according to your needs, we have installed a module of search on the right of the lamps. By continuing to use by criteria, you'll certainly find chandelier or light suspension that suits you from our large collection of lamps.