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Showing 1 - 60 of 488 items

All our shades for your home

Are you looking for the perfect lampshade for your indoor lighting? Côté Lumière offers you its vast catalogue of lampshades, ideal to give a subdued atmosphere to your room. Our lampshades are available in various colors and materials, adapted to all budgets, they will adapt to all your desires and undoubtedly attract all eyes.

Buy a trendy bedside lamp?

Do you want to create a friendly environment in your home? The designer bedside lamp is the best option for you. It emits a brightness similar to that of a candle thanks to an incandescent flame effect. This one, a trendy and classy object, sends your favorite music via a Bluetooth device. Intuitive management has become easier through the operating buttons at the top of the device. The bedside lamp can be installed in any room, as it is wire-free.

To satisfy your curiosity even more, we offer you the tactile prototype. This one has 3 intensities that can be modified when you press its base. The illumination varies with simplicity (from the lowest to the highest) without any mode of use or handling. The tactile bedside lamp harmonizes with any type of decoration with its modern and refined characteristic. It is ideal for the bedside, the office or the living room.

At Côté Lumière, you will discover a vast choice of bedside lamps to meet your needs.

Which colour suits you best?

All age groups will find their happiness with the various colors of lighting available to them. Surprise your daughters with the pink bedside lamp. This will allow them to read their favourite books even late at night. Other colors are also available. If you are more attracted to what is dark, but elegant, you have the choice between the black or grey bedside lamp.

These will match well with the rest of your furniture made of steel or metal. To broaden the choice available to you, there is also the silver bedside lamp. This will give a touch of nobility to your interior decoration. There is nothing more expensive for parents than being able to please their little ones. Choose the yellow bedside lamp to brighten up their rooms.

Which material: wood or copper?

To add a touch of elegance and discretion to your home, choose the wooden bedside lamp. You can combine the ordinary design of this one with a rustic, trendy or European decoration. A natural wood is used for the base topped by its shade made of robust fabric and pleasant to the touch.

The copper bedside lamp, at the forefront of the latest innovations, will make your rooms brighter and more beautiful than ever. You will surely fall under the spell of its decorative nature. This small bedside lamp will provide you with all its lighting without letting anything escape.

How to get an affordable bedside fixture?

Would you like to own a luminaire for your rooms, but you still don't know where to look? At Côté Lumière, a vast collection of cheap bedside lamps awaits you. Do not hesitate any longer and come and visit our shop.

We promise to offer you a good price/quality ratio. A feather bedside lamp costs, for example, around 45 €. It will bring a second wind to the style of your interior, no matter where you decide to install it.

What model should you offer your kids?

Many table lamp models have been created especially for your little ones. The essential point for a child remains the fact that he can feel good about himself. And this is when he finds himself in his room. To do this, there is nothing better than offering him a children's bedside lamp. It has a wide variety of shapes and prices.

For information, the cost of a prototype in the form of a Cactus is around €32. Don't worry, a girl's bedside lamp has also been made for your little princesses. The price of a luminaire, whose shape resembles that of a rabbit, costs around €52. So make your choice and show off to your kids.

Other prototypes available?

If you want to save time and energy in the installation of your lighting, we are pleased to offer you the wireless bedside lamp or the wireless table lamp. With these types of lights, you can rest quietly or read with serenity.

If you have a penchant for objects that offer an innovative style to your interior, you won't be disappointed when you choose the designer bedside lamp. Another model such as a designer table lamp is also at your disposal. On the Light side, specialized in

If you have a penchant for objects that offer an innovative style to your interior, you won't be disappointed when you choose the designer bedside lamp. Another model such as a designer table lamp is also at your disposal. Côté Lumière, specialized in the field of lighting, still has many surprises in store for you. If you want to see all this up close, come and visit us to enjoy all the good things that await you.

How to choose the best bedside lamp?

Everyone is always looking for innovative ideas to make the interior decoration of their home unique. To achieve this, it is enough to know how to harmonize all your decorative objects. Among these exceptional products, discover the Scandinavian bedside lamp to add a touch of style to your ornament. You will make many people envious by appropriating this luminaire.

If you like objects that remind you of London culture, get the London bedside lamp. The latter will fit perfectly in any corner of your home, you just need to find the ideal space. To further enhance the beauty of your home, add accessories to attach to your walls. The Wall lamp shade fully meets this request. With its incomparable design, it will be a hit in your space.

Even more choices at your disposal

The original bedside lamp will be a good companion for you. Easy to install and very practical, you can install it anywhere you want in your home. Its unique design will easily match your furniture. There is the tactile bedside lamp for those who want simple handling. Are you tempted by a device with three adjustment phases and a USB port? The LED bedside lamp remains the one you need.

You will be impressed by all the advantages it will offer you. Buy the oriental bedside lamp as a sign of respect for the culture from the East. Presenting a magnificent design, this one will embellish the space on which you will decide to put it. It will also provide unique lighting. Give more authenticity to your rooms by installing an industrial bedside lamp.

The main advantages of a lampshade?

In order to make a success of your light decoration, the choice of your lampshade must be made with delicacy. With various functionalities, a designer lamp shade for floor lamps makes your pieces more beautiful and filters the Pendant light shade will furnish your space without weighing it down... It serves as a hat for a bedside lamp in the bedroom or a stand lamp attached to the end of the sofa. Your corner looks more classy with this decorative accessory, and without complexity. This lamp shade, manufactured with several models of materials, can be completely integrated into any type of decoration.

To create a contemporary and refined look, the material used is silver plated metal. The use of colored and flowery fabrics promotes the creation of a bohemian environment. The lamp shade for floor lamps remains in perfect synergy with the essential nuances of your room thanks to the various colors and styles available. Remember that the illumination of your lamp changes according to the colour of the lampshade. You need a clear-colored lampshade to provide pleasant light. The brightness lighting your room becomes more comfortable.

What is the ideal size?

First of all, the size of the lamp shade must match the size of the floor shade. The diameter of a lampshade is between 20 and 40 cm when it is a minimum size table lamp. Try a tubular XXL lampshade when you have a large floor lamp. And this, to add a trendy and classy style.

It is generally necessary that the lampshade measurement does not exceed the measurement of the lamp base. This decision was made in order to establish a certain continuity and stability of your light. According to forecasts, the diameter should be at most twice the width of the lamp base or foot. It is important that the foot of the lamp post is seen in its upper part when the lampshade is fixed on it. You will get more flexibility when the lampshade only covers the bulb and socket.

To conclude, Côté Luminaire is constantly proposing new products in terms of lampshades to impress its regular customers. Several shapes and colors of bedside lamps have been manufactured to the satisfaction of both young and old.