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Showing 1 - 60 of 628 items

Wall Lamps

A wall light is an essential element to decorate and illuminate a room, especially if it fits perfectly with the room it lights. At Côté Lumière you can discover a wide range of interior lighting fixtures and models with designer wall lights for all rooms in the house.

Decorate your bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room or even your office with a designer wall light from Côté Lumière. Whether you're looking for a sleek, vintage or more classic style, we have the solution for all your lighting needs. You will find in our catalogue all kinds of lighting fixtures: articulated wall lights, with or without shade, with stem, halogen or fluo ... Whether you like stainless steel, brass, steel or chromed metal, all the materials you want are possible for your wall lights.

We regularly update our lighting catalogue in order to always offer you a wide choice and the latest trends. Discover for example the 6 watt LED wall light, a wall light with two flaps allowing you to direct the light beam in the desired direction. There is also a Flexible reading light for adult bedrooms, with its swivel arm, this model of wall light can be integrated into any bedroom. You won't be able to resist the charm of the Astro Lighting model either, an articulated design wall light from Atelier Grande Wall that stands out thanks to its chrome-plated metal surface and its arm that allows you to spread the light by focusing it on the object or the lit area. For a resolutely retro effect, opt for the Spun wall light composed of a polished brass disc that will light up your room even during the day.

The design wall light :

Much more than a point of light, the design wall light becomes an essential decorative element to embellish your home.
The design also goes through the lighting fixtures, whatever your style, it will always be possible to find the trendy wall light that will match your interior and dress your walls with elegance. If you are looking for an aluminium design wall light, a wall light for stairs or to decorate your corridor, we offer a wide range of products.
New trends with LED lamps have opened up a lot of new perspectives in terms of shapes, effects and possibilities.
The lamp becomes an object of art and decoration or even a title like a painting or a sculpture. We offer wall lights that provide backlighting, a play of light and shadow that reflects on your walls modulates your space to create a very special atmosphere.

Living room wall light :

The living room wall light is by definition a lamp that you will position on a wall.
This lamp will complement the existing lighting of the room and will become, for a certain moment of the evening, the main lighting of the room. Wall lamps give your interior an indirect and less powerful lighting than a ceiling lamp or ceiling suspension.
Whether you are looking for a cheap wall lamp or rather a designer wall lamp from major brands, Côté Lumière offers all styles for all budgets to guarantee you the right purchase.

Table wall lamp :

The wall lamp for painting is an essential lighting to highlight a painting, a frame or a photo.
The wall lamp can be adjustable and will often be equipped with either a low-energy fluorescent bulb or an LED source.
For an optimal and precise rendering, we advise you to use a lamp that will give a neutral rendering, no warm white. Neutral white will provide a neutral light that will give the most natural rendering to the object or photo you wish to highlight.
There are several sizes and several possible finishes from copper to chrome.

Kitchen wall lamp :

Which luminaire to choose for lighting a kitchen worktop?
There are different types of lighting for the choice of your kitchen wall light. They will be placed directly on the wall and provide an additional light source for your ceiling light or hanging lamps.
Spot lights that will be placed under suspended cupboards to bring light points to your worktop. This type of spotlight is usually equipped with an independent switch.
If the style of your kitchen or your desire is to keep a certain sobriety and discretion, it is also possible to place a LED ribbon, discreet and very little visible, this product will meet your expectations.

Bedroom wall lamp :

If you wish to place a bedroom wall lamp at the head of your bed, Côté Lumière offers you a wide collection of lamps so that you can find the light that suits you and that will bring a soft and relaxing light to your room.
As an accent lighting, it is possible to place either bedside lamps on a bedside table or a wall lamp with reading light that will be directly fixed on the bed frame or in the wall.
For headboard lamps, we offer lamps in all styles and shapes ranging from the simple and discreet wall lamp equipped with a hose to direct the bulb directly to a specific point, this lamp will provide you with enough light to read without disturbing your partner.
We also offer wall lamps for bedrooms equipped with a lampshade to highlight the decoration of the room. These wall lamps bring an indirect and softer light than your ceiling lamp.
At the cutting edge of technology, we also offer wall lights at the head of the bed where it will be possible for you to charge your phone with a USB cable...

We work with many brands to offer you prices to suit all budgets. However, if you don't find what you are looking for in our shop, don't hesitate to contact us. We will answer with and try to respond to your request as best we can with an adapted offer. Please contact us: