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Wall sconce, at what height to fix this light fixture?

The wall sconce becomes the perfect luminaire when it is fixed at the right height and in the right place. In addition to its general lighting function, the many models available in our online store will allow you to add a sophisticated and elegant touch to your interior design. Let's see how to optimize the use of this wall lamp.

What is the wall sconce used for?

Whether you're looking for a light fixture as part of the renovation of your home or even its construction, you're probably wondering about the relevance of this light source. The good news is that it can fulfill two functions:

General lighting: if there are no electrical outlets on the ceiling, choose, for example, a LED wall light with the sufficient number of lumens to light the room in general. If the color of the walls is light, choose a model whose indirect light flux is diffused upwards, downwards or towards the walls.

Targeted lighting: here you may opt for a wall spot with one or more heads. The luminous flux will concentrate on the area you wish to illuminate in particular.

Two main types of wall sconces

Wall Lamp

Today, there are models equipped with a wire and a plug to be connected directly to the mains. All you have to do is drill the necessary holes in the wall to fix them.

In the case of models to be fixed to the ceiling, everything will depend on the product purchased: read carefully the description of the products you are interested in on our online store.

How to choose a wall light ?

Buying a wall lamp should leave no room for improvisation, so you should prepare this step by asking yourself a few important questions:

In which room will you install your wall lamp? For example, a bedroom wall lamp will not have the same functions as a kitchen wall lamp or a reading lamp.

What will it be used for: general lighting? Targeted lighting? Decorative lighting? As a decorative element? Indeed, on this last point, imagine what a wood wall light could bring to a Scandinavian-style interior design.

Is it a lamp designed to illuminate a particular area? In this case, we advise you to opt for directional or flexible spotlights, as usually found in kitchens.

Can the wall sconce be used as a decorative object?

The answer is yes, you can quite use this type of wall lamp as a decorative object and this in two ways.

Thanks to its design: by choosing an original wall light, you will be able to create an atmosphere in your own image. Design wall light, industrial wall light, black wall light, corner light, turn your light into a main eye-catcher.

Thanks to light modeling: here it will light up and down, creating spheres of light. Dig this idea if you are looking for a living room wall light.

Special mention for the wood wall sconce

The wood sconce is naturally reminiscent of noble materials and nature. By choosing this type of light, you will add a calm, fresh, casual touch to your interior decoration. For example, in a refined decor, it will bring warmth without interrupting the general atmosphere.

At what height should a sconce be installed?

It all depends on the room configuration. Just remember that to avoid being dazzled, it must be fixed in such a way that you cannot look directly at the bulb: about 5 cm above eye level, i.e. a height of 1.70 to 1.80 meters. If you choose a model that diffuses the light upwards and downwards, specialists advise to fix it in the upper third of the wall.

If the wall lamp is still at eye level, choose a model with a satin shade. Bathroom wall lamp and LED wall lamp usually fit this description!

How to fix a wall sconce?

Wall sconce

It is very important to read the operating instructions for your light fixture before starting any installation work. Also remember to follow the safety instructions, for example, if you are installing a bathroom wall lamp.

In the absence of notions in DIY and electricity, we strongly recommend that you turn to a certified professional.

A successful purchase in the company of Côté Lumière!

If you want a wall lamp, but you don't have a precise idea of your needs, if you have questions about a particular model before clicking on the "buy" button, the Côté Lumière team will mobilize to bring you answers. By email or by phone: count on us!