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Kartell: versatile luminaires to certainly original aesthetics

The lamps are, somehow, works of art that are the expression of the emotions and the passion of those who created them. Giulio Castelli and his wife Anna have perfectly understood this when they decided to launch their lighting in 1950 equipment manufacturing company. The Kartell brand was born of the desire to combine the useful with the pleasant and design of luminaires certainly design and functional models. The creations of the Italian brand are known for their versatile side and their very appearance. Designers focused especially on a very special material: plastic. A preference that has earned them a real fame in the world of luxury lighting.

Functional and innovative lighting systems

Since it is designed to enlighten, a lamp must first and foremost to be functional. Kartell, professionals are aware of the importance of this feature. This is the reason why they continue to experiment with new technologies and new manufacturing techniques. This desire for designers to innovate can be seen also through the materials used.

Thanks to the advances made, creators have succeed to enrich the plastic and give him new properties. The material becomes more robust, more flexible or more transparent on some media. The structure is more resistant to atmospheric agents while displaying a good record aesthetic. For example, the result is quite surprising with collections Neutra and Ge lights. The suspensions have an optimal light output adapted to different parts to live indoors.

Suspended lamps Neutra designed by the great Ferruccio Laviani will find, for example, their place in contemporary dining rooms. The white inner diffuser Opal concentrates the light and thus, provides a certainly uniform lighting. The opaque Ge suspensionIt will be perfect in a living room in the classic style or industrial. For a still more decorative rendering or a more refined atmosphere, the creations exist in different colours, but also in transparent and opaque versions.

Plastic, always at the heart of the "light revolution" Kartell

The Kartell brand professionals have chosen to focus on the plastic, if mainly because they discovered the potential of this somewhat unusual material. Well worked, the material turns into a sensual and precious material. The Italian brand has, for example, exploited the features of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate). This thermoplastic polymer commonly known as plexiglas is akin to glass when it is processed according to some methods.

The structure is light but very strong. However, the real specificity of this kind of plastic is its ability to transmit a majority of visible light (or 92%). Combined with LED technology, this feature allows to obtain high lighting quality as can be seen with the lamps to ask Take or the lamps of the collection Toobe. Moreover, should not forget that the plastic is fairly easy to handle in terms of coloring system.

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