The Côté Lumière team would like to thank you warmly, because without you, this adventure would not have been possible!

Côté Lumière was born 10 years ago with the will to offer quality lighting and to make them accessible to the greatest number of people.

This will is intact, but many other things have changed.



It all started with a meeting, an exchange of ideas and the desire to undertake together the creation of a store specialized in lighting.

With our experience in the field of electricity for Cédric Torez and interior design for Fabrice Pietquin, we immediately thought of the lighting sector.

After a market study, we noticed that at the time, few retailers were already present on the market and their offers were essentially positioned on big brands with high prices.

Moreover, they often offered products that were too technical or too design!

The idea of a showcase specialized in lighting, but which proposes as well big brands, but also qualitative lamps with a more affordable price was born.

Our wish was to put at your disposal many different styles, modern, classic, baroque, industrial, Scandinavian, even completely offbeat...

The first contacts with lighting manufacturers signed, the graphic charter and the development of our e-commerce completed, the acquisition of the domain name, our activity could begin.

In 2011, the TP Group company put the Côté-Lumière website online, our desire to offer a different selection of lighting fixtures was complete and this collection has since only increased.

Making a place for ourselves on the web and acquiring our first customers was not an easy task.

Indeed, very quickly we had to conjugate between the technical, the logistic and the customer satisfaction.

The latter has always been our priority in our business, as we have always wanted the purchase of a lighting fixture to be a positive experience.

Today, we are proud to offer you a catalog with more than 10.000 references and to allow you to find everything you need in one place.


We have always been convinced that only the customer approach allows us to be attentive to his needs and to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

At the beginning, we had only one person in charge of customer service. His determination and professionalism and our availability by email and phone always allowed us to gain his trust and his satisfaction in order to offer him a transparent and most perfect service possible.

Since then, the team has grown and now has a team of three people, Ornella, Keisha, Melissa. They continue the company's philosophy which aims at one thing only: to exceed the expectations of our customers and to provide them with a precise and relevant answer.

At Côté Lumière, the experience that surrounds the customer, allows him to be listened to and the service provided gives an added value to the simple commercial transaction.


How to choose your carrier and what criteria to take into account.

One of the first points we had to answer was the delivery of our sales to the homes of our customers, and this, according to the various possible choices.

Should we offer delivery in a relay point or at home?

With the Post Office or with another operator?

How long does it take?


The delivery of an order to the desired destination is part of the customer experience.

To respond more quickly and be even more efficient, after four years of activity, we decided to work with our external service provider, Logvad.

This subcontractor is specialized in logistics and is constantly seeking to improve its services in order to make the delivery to the customer faster and more secure.

The priorities of our deliveries that have allowed us to differentiate ourselves are :

  • The quality of the parcel on receipt: the packaging must be impeccable to avoid any deterioration on receipt.

  • The follow-up: our customers are informed about the evolution of their order. At the time of the departure of their order, they receive a link to follow the route of a parcel.

  • The guarantee: Whatever the selected delivery method, we take care of any problems that could occur during the transport (breakage, loss...) in order to guarantee you a purchase in all peace.


Côté Lumière will continue its development, while keeping its values.

What has been its strength since the beginning: a human-sized team, united, expert, and especially listening to its customers.


The advantages and guarantees that we offer to our customers:


  • Clear and complete product sheets.

  • Quality products with a very good quality-price ratio

  • A range composed of modern, trendy products that meet European standards.

  • To make your purchases comfortably, and this, when you wish it, 24 hours/24, 7 days/7

  • A dynamic customer service that is always at your disposal to follow and help you before, during and after your order.

  • The payment method that suits you: bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay ...

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