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  • Alittex

    Alitex is specialized it components and LED bulbs

    Alitex is a Belgian company that specializes in electronic components for the lighting industry for more than 20 years.

    With his experience, Alitex also offers LED solutions both for inside and outside.

    For the particular domestic luminaires range extends from the kitchen to the bathrooms and for the veranda in the garden outside. Discover their products for wet areas such as a fountain or a pool...

    For the professional, Alitex offers technical solutions to highlight offices, shelves, counters, facades, museums even offer light effects for theme parks...

    It is also possible to perform for the area of industry and the medical solutions of light adapted to the deposits, production areas, laboratories...

    All of their products have a maximum guarantee and after-sales service custom.
    You have a project, Alitex is here to help you, study desk can help you complete your project with innovative and customized solutions.

  • Andtradition

    Andtradition: luminaires in the service of the elegance of Scandinavian design

    Sober, authentic and certainly functional, Scandinavian style continues to be seduced by its exceptional characteristics. At Andtradition, the creators decided to focus all their achievements on this famous Nordic design. A choice that allowed them to get the Good Design Award in 2001. The lights of the Danish brand are distinguished by this mixture of natural materials and colored notes that make these lighting equipment of real elements of decoration. The sign is set for mission to design lamps that will bring the maximum brightness to all parts for a still more warm inside.

    Refined and purified for a décor Andtradition lighting facilities

    In order to highlight the sleek design and refined side Scandinavian, Andtradition insists first on the forms of its supports of lighting. The materials are reshaped and redefined in full respect of the rules of the art. The creators then select the colours most appropriate for good dress each support lighting. With respect to the light, the most advanced technologies have been adopted. The power of lighting can be adjusted according to the tastes and desires of each.

    It is this attention to detail that has helped the Danish brand to create appliques to certainly Northern style as you can see with the pieces in the collection Formakami. The lamps are capped a wonderful Lampshade in rice paper. The designers were inspired by the famous paper lanterns Asian to create these original equipment which will certainly find their place in salons or contemporary living rooms. Brackets are available also in many forms and colors. The idea is to help consumers find an item perfectly adapted to their decoration.

    For those looking for an even more original model, the Scandinavian design lighting by the famous creator Jaime tailgate are highly recommended. The lamps are characterized by their modern form as well as their very elegant color. These versatile pieces to the decorative aspect will satisfy the most demanding.

    A timeless design

    It is often said that Scandinavian design is a timeless style. Andtradition also took the trouble to highlight this very special feature of the Northern theme. To do this, the designers applied manufacturing techniques that allow them to work materials to their limits. The creative process combine traditional practices with modern methods. It's this approach that results in the very aesthetic side of each of the creations of the Danish brand.

    Consumers can easily see through the Scandinavian desk lamps designed by the architect Arne Jacobsen. These facilities are similar to real works of art with their structure made up of a mixture of materials and their beautiful graceful lines. And what about hanging lamps of great Space Copenhagen? If what they witness a real know-how and a great artistic inspiration. The creators were able to combine the industrial aspect to the elegant side of the Northern style made for a certainly timeless.


  • Artemide

    Artemide: the art of lighting redefined by an iconic brand

    The creation of Artemide in 1960 almost marked the beginning of a new era in the world of lighting. It was in 1958 that the engineer Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza business partner took the initiative to found a structure specialised in design lighting design. For two years, the two founders have all implemented in order to make their company a symbolic sign in the field. The success has been rapid since the company has been able to adopt good practices by renowned designers. The creations of the Italian brand are today exhibited in many major museums around the world and earned him prestigious awards such as the "Compasso D'Oro" in 1967 and the iF Product Design Award 2017.

    Functional, smart and certainly comfortable lighting

    To understand the way in which Artemide apprehends the light, simply observe the brand motto: "The Human Light. The creators consider lighting as an essential element in the life of man if it is important to ensure that each luminaire is adapted to the needs of consumers in the residential area or the professional sector. This angle of vision has helped the Italian brand to highlight the essential features of a lamp: functionality, design and comfort.

    Lighting systems must be smart to be able to adapt to the conditions and specific environments that people are facing on a daily basis. The light should be powerful enough. Design, it is revealed through the shape and colors of each piece. At Artemide, designers like to consider their works as objects of art because of the love and passion that emanate from. For them, lighting, what it is and where it will be installed, must also be a source of physical and emotional well-being and thus to obtain the maximum comfort.

    For example, you can observe each of these features across the escutcheons of the series Pirce. With their structure in varnished aluminium and white color, fixtures of the Artemide brand have a very original measured design. Lighting of class 1 is intended to offer a functional and comfortable light suitable for all domestic environments.

    A wide range of design and modern lamps

    Since its inception in 1960, Artemide has knew right away the attention of the public through his innovative creations which show great creativity and know-how advanced on the part of the designers. But it is by combining technology and passion that the Italian brand was able to create design and certainly modern lighting systems.

    The sign is known in the design world for its famous Tolomeo, Mercury or its famous Cosmic, pieces that are considered true masterpieces. She was rewarded, for example, by the best of the best red dot design award 2008 for its suspension of the Mercury series. Many consumers have also expressed their satisfaction with the Dalu collection table lamps.

    Indisputable mark of architects, such as luminaires the lamp "Tizio", "Toloméo" and recently the suspension "Mercury" are often used in their project. Don't wait any longer to get a lamp Artemide exceptional.

  • Astro Lighting

    Astro Lighting: quality lighting that combines design and simplicity

    Sevenoaks, 1997. While the competition raged on the market, two men took the initiative to share their discovery in the world of lighting and design. John Fearon and James Bassant had already spent a lot in the basement of their home in the small English town. Then it was time to publicize their creations. It is as well as the Astro Lighting brand was created. The sign luminaires are distinguished by the simplicity of their design and the quality of their finish. Features that have seduced the public. For more than 20 years, the company has distinguished itself by offering original and innovative solutions.

    The comfort and style in the heart of all creations

    For Astro Lighting designers, lighting is above all synonymous with comfort and well-being. Each creation, whether indoor or outdoor, lamp should help establish a serene and luminous atmosphere in the space for which it is intended. The English brand especially became known by its systems dedicated to the water room. For Astro Lighting Bathroom ceiling lights have been a real revolution. In addition to their soft and functional light luminaires have an appropriate structure projections and moisture resistant.

    Regarding style, designers have opted for a design contemporary and modern typical of British interiors. The success of the original systems encouraged workers to even more interesting solutions. Bevel round 600 blind is one of the pieces that are particularly worth mentioning. The lamp has a light and a comfortable design. Lighting is suitable for all types of spaces (living room, room, hallway, office, lobby and other). When it comes to style, appearance beveled white round cotton gives a very original poetic touch to this beautiful piece.

    Simple, but certainly innovative lighting systems

    Simplicity is a real asset when you know shape it and enhance it. In Astro Lighting designers took advantage of this principle by opting for designs to the sleek and attractive design. But artisans have not forgotten the importance of innovation in their field. In each new collection is created, we can see the envy of professionals to innovate by adopting the recent technological advances.

    You can especially see it through modern pieces like appliques lampshades Roma or sconces Avola. The luminaires are equipped with a solid structure designed for wetlands. The lighting system was manufactured to have a maximum life of more than 50,000 hours with an index of consumption low and economic.

    In order to always meet the guideline which serves as a benchmark, professionals collaborate with passionate people in different countries. In addition, of new talented design engineers complement each year teams of the British brand. Currently, this approach helped the brand to develop its many subsidiaries in all continents. An agency also recently opened in the United States.

    Indoor or outdoor lighting, the choice is wide, while remaining very classic with the brand Astro Lighting. Go for quality by choosing this unique brand.

  • Brilliant

    Brilliant: lights of quality at lower costs

    With the many references available on the market, it is not always easy to find products with a good quality-price ratio. However, some brands (more than others) are able to distinguish themselves by their very affordable offerings that meet the needs of consumers. The Brilliant brand is part of this category. The German company was founded in 1951. The company first specializes in processing and the manufacture of glass. But by diversifying its activities, she managed to get a reputation in the world of lighting. The luminaires of the Brilliant mark are marketed in many countries at prices defying all competition.

    Ranges of lamps adapted to all budgets

    With more than 65 years of experience in the sector, Brilliant has extensive know-how allowing each year to offer wide ranges of luminaires. Its catalog is growing according to the expectations of the public. But whether it's residential lighting or solutions dedicated to professionals, the German brand knows attract the attention of the public with the prices and the quality of its creations. According to the feedback of many consumers, the Brilliant lamps are distinguished by their functional and elegant design. But the point that keeps coming back is rates. The ranges proposed are adapted to all budgets.

    To do so, creators are assured that all their equipment comes in many models accessible to all budgets. The classics are the most popular because of their good quality-price ratio. However, even with the new trend, the brand was able to find the right balance to always achieve to satisfy its customers. As an example, we can take the case of wall lights 3 lights Bulb Brilliant. Fixtures consist of a structure in aluminium, chromed. The frame is compatible with a rotary drive. These features can make you think of a rather expensive product. And yet, this lamp is very affordable in terms of cost.

    Lighting systems that combine functionality and aesthetics proposed at certainly affordable prices

    The fact that prices of Brilliant light products are the best on the market does not detract to the fact that they are also of a very high quality. The designers have been able to combine two essential characteristics to produce as good models: functionality and aesthetics. As the German brand has always implemented technological advances in his field to make its lighting systems even more practical.

    Currently, the brand offers low consumption lights equipped with LED bulbs economic and ecological. Professionals have even held to highlight this functional side by offering amenities that can be controlled remotely via a mobile device. On some models the Brilliant brand desk lamps or wall sconces, the intensity of the light and diffused color can be adjusted in a few clicks thanks to an app installed previously on a smartphone or a tablet. Regarding the aesthetic rendering, the creators usually rely on a sober and elegant style adapted to all types of interiors.

  • Côté Lumière

    Côté Luymière offers direct factory quality lightings.

    Specializing in the sale of fixtures for more than 7 years, Côté Lumière now has the pleasure to offer you their selection of lamps. 
    The proposed products have been carefully selected in terms of quality and in direct factory prices. The luminaires have been tested to complete our catalog of quality products and with a price considered to be always the most competitive compared to the market price.
    Collection of lamps proposed by side light is essentially specialized in technical architectural lighting for indoor and outdoor, we offer also decorative luminaires and lamps fun to liven up your inside.
    Our lighting is manufactured with noble materials and durable such as aluminium, they are fitted with top quality LED in order to offer you products that will bring you in time complete satisfaction.

    All our lamps are guaranteed for 2 years.

  • Eglo

    Eglo: fixtures that meet the real needs of consumers

    Strong of its Austrian roots, the Eglo brand was able to move forward to position themselves now as being one of the major references in the world of lighting. Since its launch in 1969, the company was destined to a bright future. The passion that drove its founder, Ludwig Obwieser, was of rare intensity. In a few years, the luminaires of the brand Eglo quickly evolved to allow him to impose itself on the European market and, thus, to expand internationally. Today, the brand is present in more than 130 countries around the world and is constantly developing new markets to better connect to the public.

    Lighting systems manufactured according to the evolution of the market

    Whether in the sector of the residential or professional lighting, the expectations of consumers are forced to constantly evolve. To better meet, leading lighting brands must adopt new technology to their products, and always show great ingenuity in each of their creations. The best, as in the case of Eglo brand, must even be able to create new trends, to influence the market.

    The company has been working with renowned designers accompanying him in each of his projects in order to suggest still more original lighting systems. Ideas for new products are collected at the level of the market. They are then evaluated and studied by experts who confieront them then the craftsmen. The latter will ensure to make happen them.

    This creative process result unique pieces like appliques series Almeida Lampshade. The luminaires have been designed to adapt to any room whether it's the private rooms or spaces to live. In the case of children's bedrooms in the collection Quixi applied, designers focused on the needs of families. These friendly design fancy lamps will bring more cheerfulness and heat in the rooms of young people.

    Fixtures combining tradition, modernity and design

    The success of the Group Eglo is certainly not the result of chance. It is especially the ability of the company to stay true to its roots while knowing a modern vision that enabled him to stand fast competition. Indeed, through each of the creations of the brand, the consumer will not fail to observe this small mix of simplicity, traditions, cultural influences and innovation that characterizes the sign.

    The record is original, certainly decorative and design. And although the range is very wide (more), the passion and expertise of the designers are revealed through each lamp on the market. Eglo commitment goes well beyond that of a simple lamp since the creators give personal attention to each of their projects. It is thanks to all these values that luminaires, such as rectangular external wall of the collection Alamonte, have immediately reached the attention of the public since its launch.

  • Elimex

    Elimex: a sure value to equip your homes!

    Elimex is a public limited company (SA) that specialises in the wholesale of electrical, electronic and lighting equipment. Its head office is based in Belgium in Brussels. This distributor markets the Elix Belgium brand and many others. In the lighting market, Elix brand bulbs are a reference. Moreover, they are available in major DIY stores. However, its range is not limited to lighting, or includes other equipment such as connectors, wires and cables, telephony, etc.

    To return to its history, Elimex is a company founded in 1963 by Georges Kohner and Georges Goossens. It is a major company that has built a reputation since its inception. Originally, it was active in the distribution of electronic components and roof antennas. Over the years, it has expanded its field of activity and now offers electronic systems, electronic accessories and measuring instruments. These products are available on Côté Lumière.

    A range of luminaires with a unique style

    Elimex's lighting solutions are designed for the residential market. These are luminaires, central power supplies, dominoes, and many others. The luminaires of this brand are quite basic in their design. They are, a priori, functional to illuminate your interiors. Elimex designers rely on raw and timeless materials to suit all interior styles. As a specialist in the field of lighting, it honours the bulb for its suspensions, its wall lights and even its street lamps. A style specific to the brand that stands out from the crowd. These luminaires are designed to adhere to contemporary, vintage, industrial, Scandinavian and classic style homes.

    Elimex streetlights have a very original style that stands out from the usual models. In fact, they can be used even without lampshades. The same applies to its application. Simply match it with the brand's bulbs with visible LED filaments. However, they project a warm light to brighten up your living spaces. In another, larger version, the luminaires in the Atelier collection feature a lampshade or even a classic reflector, but are available in different colours: black, white, silver, chrome. In its wall-mounted version, its articulated arm is adjustable to direct light to a particular area of the room.

    For outdoor lighting, Helix bollards are the perfect light for lighting an alley, car park, terrace, garden or entrance to your home. It is characterized by their 5 W SMD LED bulb which has a life span of 25,000 hours. In the same collection, there are outdoor wall lights designed to withstand the vagaries of time. In any case, the products in the Helix range are made to last. In addition, they are made with a special type of steel that protects the device against corrosion up to 6 times more than a conventional rust effect.

    Elimex rails, high quality power supplies

    For your electrical installations, Elimex has all kinds of rails to supply your luminaires with the same system. Aware that the linear connector is always essential, Elimex develops different solutions as a central power supply. In their design, the brand relies on top-of-the-range materials combined with a modern and innovative design. Most of the rails have a very harmonious modular concept. In addition, their patented and award-winning systems are made of a high-strength aluminium profile.

  • Faro Barcelona

    Faro Barcelona: Spanish excellence in lighting

    For Faro Barcelona, the adventure in the world of lighting began in 1945. Initially, the company was specialized in the manufacturing of desk lamps. But activities gradually diversified as consumer needs change in the sector. For more than 60 years, the brand has come to stand out from the competition through its original creations and exemplary quality. Today, the luminaires Faro Barcelona lighting systems are available in more than 90 countries and themselves as part of the best references on the market.

    Fixtures born from a passion for light

    If Faro Barcelona has managed to get a reputation globally, especially through the growing passion that animates its designers. This enthusiasm, tinted of good will, drives them to always propose solutions meeting the expectations of the public. Everything is implemented to create, every year, new collections of lamps and lighting designs and modern media. What distinguishes the Spanish brand of competition, it is especially his dimension e-company consisting of a single dropshipping section and an innovative internal laboratory. These facilities allowed them to produce original pieces designed in compliance with standards in terms of quality.

    Illustrated, for example, through the characteristics of the luminaires of the Essential line. Hanging lampshades imagined by the designers combine elegance and simplicity for rendering outstanding timeless. The Interior lamps are, each formed a beautiful metal structure, a Lampshade in white textile and a bulb certainly functional. For owners who wish to complete the lighting in rooms with food as the living room, the living room or kitchen, the cubes collection Karmen cement appliques are highly recommended. Light items don't go unnoticed with their design form and their two-way warm and pleasant lighting system. Also, parts are available in various colors for a more decorative.

    Lighting designed by experts

    The expertise has always been an asset in an evolving area as lighting. It is for this reason that the Catalan sign continues to demonstrate innovation and a great sense of know-how in all its activities. Besides designers who are there to imagine each room collections Faro Barcelona, the company has a team of experts that verifies the different aspects of the products. Resistance to use, lighting power, energy and other consumer level, all the features are passed to sift through various tests, studies and simulations.

    This approach has allowed the brand to create fixtures and custom lighting solutions always meet the expectations of the public. Consumers are, for example, many have expressed their satisfaction after seeing the performance characteristics of wall sconces and ceiling lights outdoor round Noray. Lamps frame is made of brass and highly resistant transparent glass (index IP65) perfectly adapted to external conditions. The color and the power of the diffuse lighting were selected to create a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Flos

    FLOS: bold and certainly innovative creations

    Since its creation in 1962 by Dino Govina and Cesane Cassina, Flos is positioned as one of the leaders in the market for equipment and materials of light brands. The Italian brand is especially known for his architectural and decorative designs. For more than 55 years, the success of the company lies in its ability to propose lighting trend and innovative ranges meet the needs of consumers, whether it's those individuals or those professionals. But to achieve this result, the company had to collaborate with designers and enthusiasts worldwide reputation such as the brothers Castiglioni and Tabia Scarpa.

    Designed by renowned designers design lamps

    Order to make offers which are always able to seduce as many consumers, Flos has been able to rely on the expertise and experiences of professionals and renowned artisans who make every effort to ensure that the products stand out from those of the competition. Thus, collaboration with certain designers in particular (including the son of the renowned architect Carlo Scarpa) helped the Italian brand to create pieces such as the iconic of Castiglioni ARCO lamp and the famous spectacular Philippe STARCK's Flos Superarchimoon.

    Currently, lighting systems offered by the brand diversified in order to better adapt to the realities of the market. There is, for example, the envy of professionals to offer a modern and design equipment through wall-ceiling of the Glo-Ball collection. Also the lamps were created by the great Jasper Morrison, a designer known for his original and functional designs. The Interior lights are distinguished by their appearance, but especially by the diffuse light of their mouth-blown glass.

    Another illustration, the streetlights of the range Kelvin with which lovers wanted to demonstrate their ability to adopt the new technologies available in their area. Then media consist of a pivoting flat square head to 355 ° adjustable 360 ° as well as arm. Regarding light, creators have opted for one of adjustable lighting intensity LED bulbs.

    The art of creating new trends in the world of lighting

    To keep its leading position in its sector of activity, a brand must be able to influence the trend, creating needs. FLOS has always liked to adopt this principle by creating bold luminous systems which eventually become true icons. To do this, the Italian brand does not hesitate to exploit new ideas, new horizons. This art of experimentation has allowed the brand to manipulate materials to make revolutionary structures, but also to associate technological innovations in order to offer more adequate solutions.

    Recessed ceiling lights from the Skygarden collection surprising as equipment are the result of all these nice values. Parts consist of a support in a die-cast aluminum alloy surmounted by a beautiful opal glass diffuser. And what about the Ktribe S3 line suspensions? A perfect combination between modernity and design to give a clearly contemporary lighting system.

  • Giarnieri

    Italian light Giarnieri

    The Giarnieri collection is a manufacturer of Italian high range lights exceptional offer resolutely contemporary lamps.
    The attention to detail characterizes the quality of products made in Italy.

    The spirit of Giarnieri is to offer a new perspective on the world of design luminaires.
    A few fine lines are enough to draw the contours of a lamp in a subtle way of light into a living space.
    As a work of art, the focus is brought to the form that will flatter the look. The magic will be created by a game of shadows and lights offering character lighting and perspective to the lamp.

    Convinced that the design of modern fixtures must be oriented ecology and energy performance. All of their lamps are equipped with systems that use exclusively quality and interchangeable LEDs.

    Presentation of some products from the Giarnieri collection

    A ceiling light, LED wall, or a light fixture suspension suspension Italian design resolutely modern, the Drop range will seduce you with its simple form referring to a round of smoke. The 1960s vintage style is honored by the fineness of the structure and its backlight.

    Nostalgia and fan of video games of the 1980s, the Pixel lamp brings us subtly such a wink to this universe. The lamp in aluminium lacquered was engraved forms to let appear a drawing of lights which recalls effects of programming code. This lamp has been designed to be placed either LED wall, suspension or LED ceiling light.

    KAMAK or the art of the backlight.
    Such an eclipse, Kamak applies is composed of two metal spheres which plays a game of shadows and light by the magic of the backlight. The reverb effect will draw a moon that embraces the Sun on your wall.

  • Grok by Leds C4

    Luminaire design Grok by LEDS C4

    Grok is part of the Group of Leds-C4, one of the largest manufacturers of Spanish fixtures. It offers both technical and decorative quality lamps. This brand seduces with its varied styles fixtures. Indeed, whether pure design, architectural or classic style, there are for everyone at Grok.

    In 2016, Grok lighting has received the German Design Award for its Invisible collection. It won an award in the Excellence category for the design of the product.

    LEDS - C4, on the other hand, exists for more than 40 years during which she has experimented a lot. From design to production, through the development of lamps, Leds-C4 is a complete and experienced company. It offers its services in 140 countries follows everywhere in the world. The great brand offers indoor and varied outdoor lighting and is distinguished by its flexibility, allowing custom solutions.

    The will of Leds-C4 is to make comfortable living spaces. Through the influence of light, it is possible to change the perception of different places. Experience and knowledge that are put to use for the final consumer.

  • Il Fanale

    Il Fanale: Italian Luminaire with original and timeless creations

    Having wide experience in the treatment of the traditional metal, Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa Martin decided to launch their fixtures in 1949 manufacturing business. Lighting systems born of this great initiative immediately caught the attention of the public. Each exhibit showed the passion and expertise of creators so that the Italian brand immediately rose to the rank of the best-known brands. Fanale lamps are distinguished by their extremely fine finishing, their elegance and their originality. Features that make it a real timeless light equipment.

    Born of passion and hard work lights

    To stand out from other manufacturers in a time where competition was at its peak, Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife had to demonstrate a strong tenacity and dedication. The couple knew especially moving forward in implementing all the know-how it has acquired in the art of shaping the traditional metals, but also by cultivating this passion that drives him well until he has worked in the field of lighting. These different qualities that have helped to creators to design unique fixtures and lead their companies to success.

    Among the pieces that immediately attracted the attention of consumers, for example you have the Lampshade of the collection IL Fanale walllamps. Lamps design was inspired from the elements of decoration Scandinavian, rustic style that recalls the specificities of the Northern theme. The structures consist of a diffuser in brass topped with a large white lamp glass and black rebrule edge. The light is discreet, elegant and will bring a touch more cosy in the living rooms of the House.

    Those who prefer to highlight the side contemporary and modern in their outdoor spaces will certainly appreciate the aesthetic aspect as well as powerful and certainly functional lighting of rectangular outdoor sconces Decori Parete. Of course, it is here that a few illustrations since Fanale collections include other types of lamps inside and outside.

    The excellence of the quality "Made in Italy".

    With Il Fanale, the "Made in Italy" shows a very special characteristic that is the unique quality. But in order to keep this guideline, the designers had to research technical and material to always stand out from the competition. In addition, the brand works constantly with designers and passionate architects. This culture of excellence has helped the sign of large projects both at the national and international levels.

    This approach, for example, gave birth to the beautiful pieces of See the collection. Luminaires, such as large industrial suspensions, appear clean, essential lines offering exceptional decorative. The structures have six adjustable heads and arm articulated for more originality. And with their very elegant vintage design, lamps will certainly find their place in the most beautiful lounges, dining rooms or living rooms.

  • IP44

    High German outdoor luminaires of IP44 range

    High-end sector of the outdoor lights, lighting brand binds German quality, know-how and technical innovations LED.

    IP44 wanted to create outdoor luminaires with a design and quality the same, or even better lamps normally designed for indoors.
    The goal is more than 25 years to create a perfect aesthetic design and a high quality product with as basic belief that every place deserves a great light.
    What differentiates from other brands of lights is the combination of an exceptional aesthetic look with a perfect function.

    Reseller of luminaires for three generations, the IP44 company headquartered in Rheda-Wiedenbrück took care of the sale and advice from individuals for study in lighting. Anxious to be able to offer their customers of the outdoor products of qualities, in 1993 is created. The goal was to provide robust and suitable for external constraints fixtures. 
    The choice of lasting materials composing their lamps such as glass, stainless steel or aluminum and LED (IvyLight) of high quality electronic components make their exceptionally effective and sustainable lamps.

    The origin of the name:
    To connect the sealing of a lamp, we refer to an industry standard that is IP or index of protection:
    Index of Protection (IP)
    IP44 designates a luminaire which is protected - IP4 against strong superiors at 1 mm and a protection class IP-4 against splash water from all directions.

    If a light fixture that has an IP44 protection class, it means that it is robust and suitable for outdoor use. In response to the requirements of the products created by the company, the company name was found.
    Conservative in terms of standards and quality, and particularly to the care taken in the manufacturing details, code name (.de) was added to the brand name (IP44) to highlight the German quality.

  • Kare Design

    KARE Design: stylish Motley design lamps

    The Kare Design brand is currently one of the most influential in the world of design and lighting. But to reach that level, the company had to adopt best practices, take bold initiatives to better stand out from the competition. The structure was founded in 1981 by Jürgen Relter and Peter Schönhofen. The long years of experience have always been its main asset. The German brand designers have indeed acquired unique expertise which, mixed with great passion, becomes a source in which they draw original ideas and always innovative. Lamps and accessories Kare Design are available in more than 40 countries and are among the most popular pieces at the global level.

    Unique fixtures to an unconventional atmosphere

    If the functional side of lighting has always been an essential aspect, the German brand wants to go further on the premise that luminaires are used to create a special atmosphere in a space. This approach pushes designers to create unique designs. So that the light can generate an unconventional atmosphere, it takes out of the box and offer unusual systems.

    Lights should be used to strengthen the characters of each of the rooms of a House. By choosing chandeliers and Kare Design suspensions, the consumer will no trouble to create this atmosphere pleasant, welcoming and full of life that characterizes especially the living room, the living room and dining room. In the kitchen or office, it will focus on the practical side of lighting. The light should be strong enough so that we can have better visibility on the work plan or the central island.

    In addition to the intensity of the lighting, the design of luminaires is also taken into account. Creators usually play on the colors and the materials to make an authentic piece according to the type of Interior, but they can also design heterogeneous elements. So, for example, those who prefer strong and modern looks can opt for appliques Parecchi black horizontal Kare Design. For a certainly exceptional atmosphere, brightness and lighting temperature will depend on the color of the Lampshade.

    The light is also synonymous with decoration

    The décor, it is which highlights the chosen interior style. For the German brand designers, fixtures can also become real decorative elements. Moreover, the fact that Kare Design motto is the "joy of decoration" is no coincidence. Creators like shape lighting by opting for shapes and colors and even extravagant, original materials. The Deco classic to the most extraordinary renditions, ranges of luminaires of the sign contain lamps adapted to the tastes and desires of each. Some will appreciate, for example, industrial-style and animal aspect of the Spider chandelier. While others will be dazzled by the side very elegant vintage of the lamppost Bown.

  • Kartell

    Kartell: versatile luminaires to certainly original aesthetics

    The lamps are, somehow, works of art that are the expression of the emotions and the passion of those who created them. Giulio Castelli and his wife Anna have perfectly understood this when they decided to launch their lighting in 1950 equipment manufacturing company. The Kartell brand was born of the desire to combine the useful with the pleasant and design of luminaires certainly design and functional models. The creations of the Italian brand are known for their versatile side and their very appearance. Designers focused especially on a very special material: plastic. A preference that has earned them a real fame in the world of luxury lighting.

    Functional and innovative lighting systems

    Since it is designed to enlighten, a lamp must first and foremost to be functional. Kartell, professionals are aware of the importance of this feature. This is the reason why they continue to experiment with new technologies and new manufacturing techniques. This desire for designers to innovate can be seen also through the materials used.

    Thanks to the advances made, creators have succeed to enrich the plastic and give him new properties. The material becomes more robust, more flexible or more transparent on some media. The structure is more resistant to atmospheric agents while displaying a good record aesthetic. For example, the result is quite surprising with collections Neutra and Ge lights. The suspensions have an optimal light output adapted to different parts to live indoors.

    Suspended lamps Neutra designed by the great Ferruccio Laviani will find, for example, their place in contemporary dining rooms. The white inner diffuser Opal concentrates the light and thus, provides a certainly uniform lighting. The opaque Ge suspensionIt will be perfect in a living room in the classic style or industrial. For a still more decorative rendering or a more refined atmosphere, the creations exist in different colours, but also in transparent and opaque versions.

    Plastic, always at the heart of the "light revolution" Kartell

    The Kartell brand professionals have chosen to focus on the plastic, if mainly because they discovered the potential of this somewhat unusual material. Well worked, the material turns into a sensual and precious material. The Italian brand has, for example, exploited the features of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate). This thermoplastic polymer commonly known as plexiglas is akin to glass when it is processed according to some methods.

    The structure is light but very strong. However, the real specificity of this kind of plastic is its ability to transmit a majority of visible light (or 92%). Combined with LED technology, this feature allows to obtain high lighting quality as can be seen with the lamps to ask Take or the lamps of the collection Toobe. Moreover, should not forget that the plastic is fairly easy to handle in terms of coloring system.

  • Leds C4

    LEDS C4: choice of elegance and performance

    Created in 1969 to Lleida in Spain, Leds C4 is part of most influential brands in the world of lighting equipment. His long years of experience have helped the brand to extend its activities in more than 140 countries around the world. Currently, the company has many manufacturing units to ensure production meets the needs of the market. A brand full, Grok was also founded in 1986. This structure is especially dedicated to the design of top of the range of the parent company. Whatever it is, whether it's indoor or outdoor, lamps the Leds C4 creations are the parts of a very high quality combining elegance and performance. For more than 40 years, the brand held scrupulously to respect his motto: "light is life".

    Lights designed by design and lighting experts

    The secret of the Spanish brand's global success is based on its ability to propose lighting systems original and trends. To achieve this, the company had to call designers and experts who spoke at each stage of its evolution. Since its inception in 1969, Leds-C4 has been able to adopt the techniques and innovations inherent to its business. The use of wrought iron in the design of the structure of the luminaires to the LED revolution through the use of glass and the adoption of the characteristics of the various existing styles, the sign has exploited all available resources.

    This great experience result from the collections of lamps adapted to the different types of interiors as well as product lines dedicated to professionals. Some creations also deserve to be mentioned. The suspension Neo metal is, for example, one of the pieces that reflect the expertise of professionals in design. This luminaire is characterised by its vintage trend that will highlight the deco in a living room or a dining room. The applique adjustable Lampshade VirginiaHowever, denotes with a nice touch of modernity. Very elegant contemporary style and its pleasant lighting will bring more originality and comfort in the living rooms of the more modern homes.

    A wide range of lamps meeting the expectations of consumers

    Meet the needs of consumers, taking into account trends, but also the development of the market, such is the main challenge for any brand in the world of lighting. This principle, Leds-C4 has understood and has been able to adopt it in the creation of each of its product lines. Thus, in addition to his lamps design with clean lines, offers also architectural and technical systems. The goal then is to diversify the offers.

    To do this, professionals use all available materials (steel, PVC, wrought iron, aluminum, glass, polycarbonate and other). In addition, the company is sticklers in respect for longevity and safety of equipment standards as well as those concerning the energy economy. Parts like the lamppost Moonlight IP44 and the invisible suspension Grok perfectly illustrate this approach.

  • Linea Verdace

    Linea Verdace: design for all styles

    Born from the initiative of a couple (Verdat) who has always had a great passion for interior lighting. The brand Linea Verdace became quickly known since its inception in 1969. Belgian teaching is based in Antwerp and at the end of the 1960s, began to expand its activities to the Luxembourg. Very quickly, the creations of small business were distributed everywhere in Europe and in many countries around the world such as Russia and New Zealand. Today, Linea Verdace fixtures are part of the most popular equipment market. And in addition to its interior lamps, the brand also stands out for its supports to design outdoor lighting.

    Lamps Linea Verdace suspensions: technical lighting...

    Already, at the beginning, while she was still known in Belgium, Linea Verdace was famous for the technical aspect of its lighting equipment. The brand has been able to work the material and performance of lamps to create models of increasingly efficient luminaires. Currently, thanks to the technological advances made in the field, its facilities are even more effective. Thus, linear suspensions of the brand are for example adapted to all parts. With their powerful and very functional lighting, the lamps will be especially effective as main sources of light in living (the living room or dining room) rooms.

    The suspension luminaire may be placed above the central island, of the work plan or the dining table for a surely satisfactory rendering. The light intensity can be adjusted according to the size or the configuration of the room. If this last is very spacious, it is possible to complete the suspension by a few spots or wall sconces.

    Of course, in a modern, industrial, or contemporary interior, Linea Verdace linear suspension can also find its place in the living room or the living room. The scattered light will enhance the classic and sober room side. In addition, equipment comes in various colors. By choosing the most appropriate colours, we can easily create a still more refined effect.

    ... decorative light

    The trend is originality and design in terms of decoration, the Belgian brand held also to satisfy consumers in this area. Thus, its designers have created lines of lamps and decorative lights. On the market, the brand is known for its streetlights and original chandeliers. The creations of the Michelangelo collection are part of the busiest.

    Streetlights shaped chandelier made up of illuminated metal arms are some of the models which were immediately a great success with the public. Media have a particular design, it is similar to that of a luxurious work of art. These lighting equipment are installed in castles or the high-end hotels. The chandeliers in the same collection, like the one adorned with leaves gold to create a magnificent floral aspect. Certainly they will be part of the most beautiful decoration accessories in a living room or a room stay.

  • Lucide

    Lucide: a wide range of Interior and exterior luminaires

    Since the needs can quickly evolve and diversify the market, it is important that a brand can offer a wide range of products. This principle, Lucide has held to respect since its inception in 1997. In addition to their passion for their activity, the Belgian brand professionals have gained experience in the art of meet the expectations of consumers. Each year, the company launched more than 500 new lighting models taking into account new trends and the needs of the public. The equipment and lighting systems exist in various colours and styles. Moreover, the creators have also been able to adopt the latest technology to increasingly innovative solutions.

    A collection of Interior lamps made of pieces of different styles

    Lighting has always been an important part of the décor. It is for this reason that, in Lucide, enthusiasts have chosen to create a complete collection of decorative and certainly functional interior lights. The Belgian brand is due mainly to offer a wide range of lamps adapted to recent trends in interior style. Among the most popular creations, you have for example the Aldgate collection table lamps. The models stand out for their original design and their beautiful finish. Parts suitable for all styles and will easily find their place on a dresser, an armoire or a TV stand. Regarding the proper lighting, creators have opted for a homogeneous light that will bring a touch warmer and friendlier to the atmosphere of Interior.

    Of course, offers also fixtures for specific styles. In addition to their practical side, the lights will be used to highlight the adopted design. Industrial, retro, vintage, Scandinavian, modern or otherwise, all themes have been taken into consideration for the sake of consumers. Classic and design of the Aldgate line lights for example, will satisfy those who want to clean up their room with a reading light mood lighting. Finally, the collection of Lucide interior lighting systems also includes fixtures at the original shapes and colorful for children's rooms.

    A robust and modern outdoor lights

    In outdoor spaces, lighting must be primarily functional and adapted to different climatic conditions. At Lucide, brackets are designed from special materials to ensure durability. Wall lights and spots of the brand outside Belgian are renowned for the strength of their structure. In addition, professionals have also held to offer strong performance of lighting fixtures.

    We can easily see these advantageous aspects through lamps of the collection Mirane. Frames have been designed for wet areas (classified IP 44 protection class). Lighting, him, is optimal because the equipment using a low-energy bulb which gives a clear and functional light. For those seeking more innovative systems, modern models as detector with classic wall lights are also available.

  • Moooi

    MOOOi of atypical and timeless fixtures

    Unusual, intriguing, surprising, Moooi is a brand that speaks Dutch know-how and ingenuity in the world of design and lighting. Besides, his name isn't from the expression "mooi" meaning beautiful or Nice in Dutch? The brand was founded in 2001 by two great enthusiasts: Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers. The first is a talented designer craftsman who has some experience in the art of beauty and aesthetics. The second is a marketing specialist who has always dreamed of working in a structure with large affinity for its values. Together, they created a company where we like to cultivate the uniqueness, boldness and humour. Success was quick, dazzling. Moooi lighting are rare pieces of very high quality and originality.

    Creations born from bold, innovative and creative vision

    To stand out from competitors, it may defy conventions by adopting a bold and innovative approach. The Dutch brand designers have perfectly understood this principle. At Moooi, creators like unusual ideas that allow them to offer fanciful creations up to defy the biggest brands. Preferred the beautiful point of being eccentric. We imagine new forms. We associate the colors. Everything becomes very clear in the mind of the artist. The result promises to be original and certainly surprising.

    This desire to always explore new horizons gives the sign the ability to practically invent new trends. Parts such as the Random Light and Raimond lights have long been references in the market. A frame of son in ball-steel strips with a lamp spreading a glittering lighting: the result is simply outstanding.

    The brand is best known in the sector of residential lighting. Consumers are likely to have been impressed by the voluptuous structure and the graphic aspect in steel painted Dandelion streetlights. The same goes with the chandeliers of Heracleum collection. The elegance and the decorative side of the lights have not gone unnoticed and highlight the decoration of many fairs and contemporary living rooms.

    Lighting systems design designed to travel through time

    In the world of design, it is quite rare to find products that have a timeless style. However, for a bold sign as Moooi, it is possible to have this result by putting forward two concepts: the imaginative expressiveness and love of detail. For designers, any design must be creative. Imagination should be pushed at the end of its limits if you want to easily swim against the tide and offer unusual systems who can travel through time.

    Brand has learned to adopt this approach in collaboration with creators renamed such as Bertjan Pot, Ross Lovegrove and Jasper Morrison. With respect to retail, all aspects of the luminaires must be taken into account. Materials, shapes, colors, brightness, nothing should be left to chance. The rendering is simply stunning as you can see with the Emperor suspensions.

  • Moree

    Moree: a wide range of luminaires and bright furniture design

    For an innovative brand like Moree, the lighting isn't to single luminaires. Indeed, systems can be broken down into many items including furniture and decoration elements. So, it is quite possible to have a light coffee table that increasingly serve to place some objects, can also broadcast a functional or decorative lighting. The German brand has a wide experience in the sector and currently positions itself as being one of the major references in the manufacture of light furniture. The creations of the brand are recognized for the quality of their finish and robustness of their structure.

    Lighting systems functional and robust

    If the light equipment Moree interest as consumers, it's mostly because they actually meet their expectations in terms of functionality. Of course, this characteristic has always been essential when it comes to lighting. However, with bright furniture and decorative lamps Moree, this aspect takes a whole new meaning. The light should be used to eliminate all the grey areas in a determined space as well indoors as outdoors.

    Furthermore, systems must be adapted to the conditions that are needed. Moisture, weather, shocks or other light products must have a solid and appropriate structure. The German brand professionals take into account all these points in order to ensure the quality of each of their creations.

    Society for example preferred better than the usual models blisters. Regarding materials, teaching focused significantly on the polyethylene. Thanks to specific treatments, specialists were able to improve the quality of this material by making it resistant to UV and the intensive uses. Of course, the company also uses other materials such as aluminum, stainless or glass in some cases. Furthermore, in addition to the functional side, the designers also take account of the design by offering luminous style classic, whimsical, Scandinavian or even disparate objects. Shark Shark Moree lamps and hanging lamps felt Alice are part of models that appear well these characteristics.

    Modern lamps designed in compliance with the standards of excellence in German

    German know-how is acknowledged all over the world in various fields. In the luminaires and lighting facilities, from signs that European countries are known to be effective and concerned about the quality of their products. At Moree, professionals were able to adopt good practices allowing them to largely apart from the competition.

    Thus, creators have exploited, very early, LED technology in order to offer modern and innovative systems. That luminaires are intended for residential use or for the professional sector, developers know associate innovation and design. The recent models of Moree bright furniture, for example, can be controlled via a smartphone. The user has the possibility to change the color and intensity of light through a program installed on his mobile device.

  • Nordlux

    Nordlux: quality lamps which combine simplicity and elegance

    Nordlux creation in 1977 is an event quite prominent in the world of lighting. The Scandinavian brand has, indeed, redefined the art of manufacturing the luminaires by opting for a pretty simple approach, but managing to get a very aesthetic result. The sign is renowned for the elegance of his creations, but also for its offerings that display the best price on the market. Nordlux lamps are currently sold in more than 35 countries. The company still plans to expand its activities in other regions to better connect to the public. Diversified, moreover, its product lines every year to better meet the expectations of consumers.

    Functional and design lighting that enhances the daily lives of the people

    Improve the quality of people's lives, such is the motto of Nordlux. For this brand, which has many years of experience in his field, lighting is before all a useful element which should have a positive impact on the daily lives of consumers. Whether in the residential lighting industry or professional, systems must be primarily functional and practical. This approach allows designers to design simple, but of exceptional quality models.

    The creators are still proud of their works. Their sense of reality seems to be a real asset. Consumers, for their part, many enjoy the result. The public satisfaction encourages artists to become more ambitious and always more interesting solutions as the famous Cult Nordlux articulated appliques. These Interior lights have been designed to illuminate the rooms and will easily find their place next to a couch or bed head. The height of the stand is adjustable to tilt and rotate the lamp. With respect to the design, stylists opted for a modern look that adapts to all types of interiors.

    A light that inspires and gives well-being and comfort as well indoors as outdoors

    At Nordlux, creators receive the light from their systems like rays of Sun. The light should inspire those who see it and feel it. Besides, it is also important to allow users to feel good in their living spaces. The Scandinavian brand sums up these principles in his famous manifesto. Moreover, this vision can be seen through each of his creations.

    A model, like the Lampshade ceiling Slope suspension, is practically designed to bring comfort and well-being in a living room, a living room or a dining room. This lamp design and sober and that diffuses a soft light will be able to create a cosy atmosphere in the room. For owners or tenants followers of zen attitude, for example, the beautiful aesthetic Adjustable spotlights IP S4 appliques are versions of first choice. The lights were manufactured so that they broadcast a harmonious, relaxing and attractive image. In addition, the structure of the wall lamps is suitable for wet areas (bathroom, Interior and other garden).

  • Petite Friture

    Petite Friture: creations combining finesse, emotion and elegance

    Founded by the talented Amelie of the Passage, Petite Friture is an emerging brand which has immediately stood out on the market since its inception in 2009. Its success depends on its ability to combine the know-how and skills of the best designers and creators at every stage of its evolution. This desire always to promote the talents and encourage them to live out their passion helped the brand to design a lighting equipment perfectly meets the needs of consumers. The various parts of its collections are already strained in France and are beginning to make themselves known at the international level.

    A mixture of materials and colors for still more original fixtures

    The French brand designers draw their inspiration from what they see, what they feel and how they want to share it. Then, their passion is expressed through the choice of materials and colors that make up each of their creation. Thus, it is through this peculiar approach they, for example, could make beautiful fixtures of the Tidelight collection. This last was launched by Pierre Favresse, one of the greatest creators of the sign.

    The artist inspired by the headlights of the car industry to design certainly design lighting brackets. The structure of the lamps to ask consists of a diffuser in blown glass smoked and grooved and a base in Cork. The record is quite surprising. Installed in the living room, the bedroom or the living room, the lamps add a touch of elegance and fancy decoration. And although the scattered light is from a fill light, it will provide a glowing effect unique and adapted to the chosen interior style.

    The suspensions of the Cherry collection, designed by Daniel and Emma, also attest to the exceptional know-how of the designers of the Petite Friture. Fixtures consist of a cone of aluminum and a ball to the polished finish. This structure gives an aesthetic side and very sleek holders of lighting design. Color, on the other hand, was well chosen to match a style of Scandinavian, industrial or contemporary interior.

    Accomplishments tailored to better meet the needs of the public

    Lighting equipment expectations are not always the same. However, it is important for a brand to be able to answer whether the needs of individuals or professionals. Teaching the Petite Friture perfectly understood this principle. It is for this reason that she absolutely wants to propose models of luminaires tailor-made.

    It has already proved it by creating the new collection of lamps and wall sconces Mediterranea. The brand has come to be inspired by the success of his first line of suspension luminaire VERTIGO, designed by Constance Guisset, in order to move forward in this direction. She has also reissued these lamps to the somewhat unusual design for the pleasure and happiness of the public. The chandelier VERTIGO is now available in new colors and in different formats.

  • Philips

    Philips: a luminaire brand is globally recognized

    The adventure begins in 1891 for the Philips brand. The company was born from the initiative of the Dutch entrepreneur Gerard Philips and, later, his brother Anton Philips, who became co-founder of the company in 1894. Activities began slowly with the launch of a collection of incandescent light bulbs and various electric products. In a few years, teaching facilities were quickly solicited by the public both at the national and international levels. A success that hoisted the manufacturer to the rank of world-class brands in the consumer electronics market sector. Today, Philips is a key player, employing hundreds of thousands of employees around the world.

    Systems and modern lighting equipment adapted to the needs of consumers

    In the field of lighting, the Dutch sign is known for his technical and decorative designs intended to meet the expectations of individuals than those of professionals as well. To achieve this result, the Philips designers have adopted modern manufacturing techniques. High-performance LED bulbs and two-way appliques are some of the results achieved through these advanced techniques.

    Furthermore, brand spends more than 25% of its budget to research and development of new solutions. It's what enabled him to create models of luminaire meets the changing needs of the market. TLED lamps that can provide up to 200 lumens per watt (better than conventional LEDs) and the flat bulb are among the recent discoveries of the company.

    Of course, the Philips equipment are primarily media designed to spread a very functional lighting. They are adapted to all styles of interiors and can be installed in every room. However, since the design is an important aspect to keep in mind, the sign held to work the structure, shape, and color of his creations. Certainly, consumers will be able to see through the various parts of the collections of outdoor lights.

    Increasingly innovative lighting solutions

    Innovation is the spearhead of the activities of the Dutch brand. The goal of the company is to offer more innovative solutions, she continues to concoct new systems. Thus, with the rise of digital, Philips decided to design lighting equipment connected. Media can be monitored and managed via applications or remote controls.

    The first prototype has been installed in Amsterdam. This first device is intended for professional use since it is a model for office building. Broadcast by lighting brightness and temperature can be adjusted via a dedicated platform. This new creation immediately caught the attention of the public, including that of techies.

    So, the brand decided to popularize it in order to allow consumers to bring a touch of home automation to their homes. Lighting systems are now available in versions adapted to the needs of individuals. The wireless solution works thanks to a Wi - Fi connection. The core can easily be connected to a router or a modem (internet box) local.


  • Roger Pradier

    Roger Pradier: luminaires manufactured according to the rules of art

    In 1910, as the world entered a new phase in its history, a brand specialized in the manufacture of wrought iron lanterns was born in France. The company was founded by a man, the father of Roger Pradier, who had always had a passion for lighting. The Roger Pradier outdoor lights teaches pioneer were very popular and continued to be so for decades to come despite the competition. That success continues, the manufacturing secrets were passed from one generation to another. Today, the French brand is part of the major references on light equipment and lighting systems. Authentic and stylish creations are distributed in 40 countries around the world.

    Strong, timeless lighting equipment

    If the lights in the House Roger Pradier are always as popular, it's mainly because they have characteristics that distinguish them from those of other brands. The strength is one of these qualities. Manufacturers remained loyal to techniques derived from the tinsmith initiated at the beginning of the XX century to design the brackets so that the structures of the lamps are of exemplary strength. Very few professionals have mastered these methods of our days. On the one hand, this could be due to the fact that the processes can be expensive. However, at Roger Pradier, professionals have been able to adopt best practices to control costs and provide constantly high quality always affordable luminaires.

    The other specificity of the creations of the French brand lies in their authenticity and their very appearance. Designers were, indeed, able to take into account the changing market needs while ensuring design certainly timeless. The streetlights and Chenonceau collection outdoor lights are examples of this approach. The pieces were shaped to fit into the different types of existing interiors. Classic, vintage, contemporary, lights will illuminate the most beautiful balconies and terraces and sublimate the adopted style of decoration. In addition, lamps are available in different colours to better respond to the desires and needs of each.

    Roger Pradier: a reliable brand that continues to evolve

    For more than a century, the French brand enjoys a growing reputation with the public. But this success is, in any case, due to chance. The sign, indeed, held to produce equipment and lighting designed according to the standards in force. Anticorrosion aluminium which made up the structure of the media was treated to last for decades. In addition, indices of protection standards were met well.

    This desire to always satisfy consumers made of Roger Radier one of the most reliable references on the market. As the company continues to evolve in its activities. Today fixtures of the Lampiok collection are available everywhere in the world that truly, the brand name has become synonymous with light.

  • Slide Design

    Slide Design: bright products that change and improve the spaces

    Rich in its 30 years of experience in the treatment of plastic resins, Gio Colonna Romano launched his company specialized in the manufacturing of luminaires and light decoration objects in 2002. Early on, the Slide Design creations are characterized by their sleek design and color holding attention immediately. But if the Italian brand stands out from the competition, it is above all thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of its designers who allow him to propose original lighting systems suitable for all types of interiors. In addition, the brand works with many creators worldwide known to accompany him in his many projects.

    Creations out of the ordinary for a deco chic and trendy

    The designer Giò Colonna Romano is already known for the uniqueness of its appliances and these articles of garden design. By applying the same principle in the manufacture of these luminaires and light furniture, the artist launched a real trend in the world of light. The lamps and deco bright Slide Design elements are considered as parts out of the ordinary. Teaches focused first on the chic residential lighting. But its range is diversifying very quickly allowing him to come forward at European level.

    Of course, the creators remained true to their favorite material: molded plastic. But they have also opted for various material mixes. In any event, the fact that they managed to decline their fixtures in many innovative models playing with shapes and colors was a great success. Indoors or outdoors, the systems offered by the Italian brand became accessories for decoration trends adopted in more than 130 countries around the world.

    Lamps as the bright star Sirio and the lamp Light Drink Slide Design are part of the most popular. Currently, and more lights, the sign also manufactures bright furniture. Kanal light office has, for example, was designed to create a unique lounge atmosphere that's perfect for classic and contemporary interiors.

    Innovation to develop solutions always more fascinating

    Slide Design reinvents the art of lighting with a focus on the main features of the fixtures: the design and brightness. The Italian brand has been able to adopt technological advances in their sector to forward these two aspects. Thus, the company continues to modernize its casting, finishing, lacquer and assembly techniques. This evolutionary approach gives him a large advantage in innovation management.

    Professionals even have the ability to create production processes more creative that optimize the quality of their creations. They have, for example, found a way to recycle and work polyethylene linear low density according to a process to zero harmful emissions. Recently, specialists were able to make flexible and rigid polyurethane that can easily mold to give surprising bright structures like the bright Jombo Corner bar or tray Ice Ice Bar light.

    Slide Design surround yourself, here are a few designer who contributed to the success of the brand.
    We can quote: Paola Navone, Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders...

  • SLV Belgium

    SLV: design lights for a bright and harmonious interior

    With his many years of experience in the lighting industry, the brand has gained broad expertise in art to respond to the needs of consumers. Interiors and outdoor SLV luminaires are also recognized in many countries for their quality and design. Since its inception in 1979, offers different solutions for individuals, but also for professionals. One can recall its comprehensive range of products for the hotel industry and gastronomy. But whether it's residential lighting or professional, designers have been able to highlight both aesthetic and functional of each piece for a result always satisfying.

    Lighting systems that modulate the spaces

    Decoration enthusiasts know very well: the lighting can greatly influence the atmosphere and decoration in a room. At SLV, designers go even further on the premise that the light has the ability to modulate the spaces. The luminaires of the brand

    have therefore been designed taking into account the fact that each space requires a different light. A functional light is absolutely ideal if we want to effectively eliminate shadows in a kitchen. Suitable lighting that promotes relaxation and well-being will certainly be more interesting in rooms like the bedroom and the living room.

    The same principles apply in the professional field. Lighting will not be the same in the offices and in the lobby of the local. This vision has allowed the brand to develop more appropriate systems that immediately caught the attention of the public in many countries around the world. Consumers are, for example, many have opted to design the collection Bookat external terminals. Luminaires are equipped with a built-in cob LED module that broadcasts a soft, functional light that fits perfectly to outdoor conditions.

    The opportunity to live a light experience

    For SLV, lighting is similar to a real experience in which the user is brought to express his feelings, to discover the benefits of light. Expanding this principle in all its activities (production, delivery, customer and other services), the brand has been able to adopt best practices to better satisfy its customers. Thus, equipment manufacturing processes are constantly improved to more innovative solutions.

    The creators reflect widely new technologies and standards for the development of each product. Moreover, the customer services of the brand are there to support consumers in the choice of materials until use. Regarding prices, professionals made sure that the SLV click brand lamps display the best price on the market.

    To have a glimpse of all its features, we can take the example of balls of Light Eye SLV series applied. The luminaires are composed of a structure in steel chrome and shaped so as to achieve a design and vintage. The lamps use bulbs ES111. All this reflects great attention during the production of the pieces in the collection.

  • Tom Dixon

    Tom Dixon: lighting under the theme of "Rock style".

    The brand Tom Dixon takes its name from that of its founder. It was founded in 2002 by the craftsman, artist and designer Tom Dixon in collaboration with his friend and business partner David Begg. The brand specializes in the manufacturing of furniture and lighting systems. His creations are characterized by their sober and super classy side. Tom Dixon has made the best of his many years of experience in sculpture, but also his passion for music to create unique lighting designs. It is especially the forerunner of the "Rock style" in the universe of light. An original concept, who has enthralled the British public, but also many consumers around the world. Currently, the lamps Tom Dixon are available in more than 60 countries.

    The unclassifiable design lights

    The fact that Tom Dixon was able to get the prestigious title of 'Designer of the year' is not the result of chance. The creator is considered to be one of the few profiles who knows as well combine talent and business. Like him, the luminaires of the brand he founded displayed an unclassifiable character. This mixture of sleek design and a little touch of retro has been hit with consumers.

    Style exudes simplicity and a rare originality that summarize well the personality of designers. Each piece is like a work of art reflecting this sensibility that animates the designers. Moreover, the fact that the headquarters of the company is located in the heart of London in the field of The Dock Kitchen restaurant is a well considered choice. Tom Dixon love the contact with the public. This allows him to interact with the surrounding world and to find new ideas to surprise consumers.

    It is, for example, in this way that the idea to create the deco design applied in the collection Melt came to him. The structure of the luminaires was crushed, twisted and molded for a unique metallic look, the signing of the "rock style". The lampshades lamps are designed to diffuse a light soft, functional and definitely versatile.

    Originality based on the choice of materials and geometric shapes

    Tom Dixon is a self-taught designer. In a way, it is this character that makes his most original creations. The craftsman-artist discovered the world of design and lighting in a rather peculiar way. We must admit that the path is long enough profile of bass (pop-rock band Funka politan) Designer.

    However, the mixture of passions had an explosive effect for this artist. The result is revealed through the choice of materials and geometric shapes that adorn the light fixtures Tom Dixon. Consumers certainly notice this great preference for copper, a material that combines robustness, aesthetics and functionality. And then there is also this very graphics recognizable anywhere. Features that can be found through the streetlights Felt Shade Tripod Stand.

  • Verpan

    Verpan: re-edit the Verner Panton creations for rendering modern and elegant

    Consumers are perhaps already many to know. The Verpan Word is a contraction of the first two syllables of the name Verner Panton. The mark must, indeed, its creation at this renowned designer who was best known in the 60s and 70s. The company was founded to perpetuate the works of this artist who was known for his bold creations stand out for their strong originality and their aesthetic. Since 2003, the Danish brand reissues luminaires and lighting of the great pioneer systems taking into account respect the values passed. But also trying to adapt them to contemporary styles for a result certainly trendy and modern.

    Lamps that feature contemporary design by excellence

    To understand how Verpan sees the light, it is important to get back on the course and the profile of its creator. Verner Panton is before all a designer that can be considered an innovator and trendsetter in his time. After his studies in architecture and his training in the field of fine arts of Copenhagen, the artist began to produce design and functional furniture in his small studio.

    Very quickly, the passionate started designing lamps that gave off a great originality and a certain elegance. These two features combined were the basis for the Foundation of contemporary design. The Danish brand chose to adopt the same approach in republishing the accomplishments of its founder, but especially in reminding the public features of the contemporary style by excellence: colors and unique shapes and a light that highlights the spaces.

    All materials can be requested. However, they prefer especially subjects like steel, metal, aluminum, plastic and glass. Currently, Verpan lighting differ essentially in their maritime inclinations offering a fascinating lighting. Include, for example, the magnificent lozenges Fun appliques. The lamps are characterized by their classic look and the elegant silvery they broadcast through the many silver pads attached by small rings.

    Innovative unique lamps

    Since innovation is essential to the expansion of a brand, Verpan held to adopt modern visions while making sure to stay true to the principles of its founder. Designers know their classics as can be seen with Fun Verpan lighting systems. But to offer unique solutions always more surprising, the creators did not hesitate to play the card of glamour and originality.

    Imposing suspensions at three levels consist of cells with mother-of-Pearl scales attest to this beautiful approach. The luminaires have been designed to enhance the décor in the most stylish salons and living rooms, but they will also find their place in the ballroom of a hotel. For consumers seeking models that combine perfectly modern and classic style, the lamps to ask Pantop brass and silver chandeliers Fun are highly recommended.

    Verner Panton:

    Is a Danish designer who has significantly influenced the field of furniture with an innovative and avant-garde design. After receiving training in architecture and studied at the Academy of fine arts of Copenhagen, Verner Panton began his career by working with the famous designer Arne Jacobsen.

    As of 1955, he creates his own design studio to develop design and functional, but also innovative furniture by their manufacturing process. 

    In his burst of creativity, Verner Panton will also decline a wide range of luminaires that are still marketed by the Verpan brand.

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