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Unavoidable in a House, lighting plays an essential role, providing both a decorative and functional lighting or atmosphere to your home. Side light offers you more than five years a large catalog of luminaires in response to all types of needs. We work with many brands of references in order to offer you the widest possible choice, in many styles and in all budgets.

For a room, a kitchen or living room, why not opt for a pendant, one wall light or a ceiling light ? Daily, we renew our collections to offer a greater choice in luminaires, but also the latest trends and technologies.

If you prefer a simple lighting, little energy and functional, we can offer you some recessed spots, LED ceiling or the spots on rails.

Because your safety is also important for us, we also offer a bathroom fixtures effective and elegant.

You are looking for still more watertight fixtures? Discover our product range of outdoor lighting. One outdoor applique can also enhance your façade in no time and warmly welcome your visitors. Our assortment includes also the bright furniture and outside streetlights.

In addition to these essential products, we also sell childrens, headbands LED lamps, silent ceiling fan for your summer days, lamps to ask and many others! Don't wait any longer to discover our many products.

Side light offers more than 10,000 lights.

You have a project of renovation or construction with buying lamps for your home or for your outdoor luminaires ?
Discover our catalog includes more than 10 000 lamps online. We are present in your research and one of our sales will be available by phone, email or chat to answer your questions.

We offer all types of lights, this will a suspension for your living room, a lamp to ask for your room or a night light for the room of your child, spots for your kitchen or a bathroom wall, our wide choice of lamps you will find the luminaire design at the best price on the internet. You want to replace your old Halogen bulb by a LED bulb, but you do not know which economic bulb choose, ask for help at our customer service.


Light is life!
Change your lighting will change your home and bring you well-being on a daily basis.

The lights in your home have well evolved, they are no longer only needed to give light to your interior, but must meet new criteria in terms of energy saving, of color, of variable in power temperature depend on the time of day and the utility that you want to make.
As a general rule, your lights just as your furniture should bring you a useful function and well-being to live in your rooms.

Place a wall with detector in your House entry, a lamppost with a reader near your couch, a lamp living room near your TV, a luminaire design of atmosphere on color variable to animate your evenings with friends are small changes that will bring you the atmosphere and comfort searched for on a daily basis.

The essential is not to change everything, but to bring to your lighting existing useful changes that will improve your quality of life and your Visual comfort.

By replacing, for example, your old bulbs which are certainly not economic by of new LED bulbs that equal power consume up to 10 times less energy than conventional bulbs.

Install new LED lamps in your home to give you the choice between a variety of form and color, you can also choose the color of the light and the desired power.
You have no more excuses to think your wallet and the environment!


A light adapted to your needs and your space.

It illuminates all the pieces the same way in function that can light up an office, a kitchen, a dining room or a living room.
It will be important to pay attention to the type of bulb and temperature of light that you will choose for the use that we will make.

We had used to light our rooms with bulbs type halogen or bulb filaments, thus giving a temperature warm and yellow.

A few years ago came the famous type often too white or too bluish CFL bulbs and so badly adapted to our needs. In addition, these were well often seconds before unleashing their full power, which made them unsuitable for domestic use.

Recently, we have made a real step forward with the new LED bulbs, it is now possible to choose the bulb type and the format corresponding to your fixture, power and color temperature that suits you best.

For a desk lamp, it is advisable to take a neutral temperature of 4000 ° kelvin to not strain the eyes and stimulate his attention.

For a bathroom, also focus on a light bulb that brings a natural white light, it will be that much more enjoyable to the person who wear makeup to have a light neutral and not too hot...

To relax, choose a warm color that will bring a comfortable and warm atmosphere to your room.
On side -, you will find products of qualities and adapted to all your needs.
You have a question, we're here to listen and advise you.


A lamp brings warmth to a large space and depth to a small room.

Every home is different, so it is necessary to furnish your interiors with furniture that brings a balance and the most appropriate atmosphere, is the same for your lighting.
For large spaces with high ceilings, play with several hanging lamps you'll get off at different heights, this will give volume and dress up your room.
As it was once customary to dressed ceilings with large chandeliers to pendants, giving the space a volume and a magic, it remains important to keep an eye on this rule.
We are of course more heavy decoration and whatever your style be it modern or more classic, but dress up and bring a lightness and stamp with your suspension to your room.                                                     

Many designers reflected on the question and you will find on side light hanging lamps that will bring to your home the finishing touch you are looking for.
Place a large type suspension Vertigo Petite Friture the designer Constance Guisset, with a backlight (Cap bulb) bulb, this will give a light atmosphere on your ceiling and your walls and make a game of shadows and lights, for guaranteed effect!

For small parts, it is quite the opposite, it is imperative not to crowd your ceiling or space. Ceiling spots turning to illuminate specific areas in your room.
A table lamp or a spot giving lighting from the bottom to the top, will accentuate the effect of height to your room. A streetlight place in one of the corners also gives the same effect and will enlarge your room.


Functional lighting and extra lighting.

It is important to distinguish between a functional lighting or technical lighting (spots...) and fill light.

When your renovation or construction, remember that your pieces are not all to light the same way. Some parts are places of passages and other spaces to live you'll use at different times and for different occasions.
In this vein, think to properly light the spaces of passages as a corridor, stairs in a uniform way, this privileged several small points of light with small spots recessed or apparent.

For your kitchen, which is more one of the most important rooms in the House. It is advisable to think to put functional lighting in order to bring the amount of sufficient light for Cook.
A row of recessed ceiling spots or small ceiling spots, under the hanging furniture lamps provide a bright comfort to your activity.
Also consider your center island, with small hanging lamps equipped with decorative bulbs that will give a stamp and ambience in the evening.

In your living room, opt for extra lamps. Places to relax, you can adjust the intensity of your lamps, having at hand a lamppost equipped of a reader to read comfortably from your sofa, a small living room lamp near the corner TV to bring a small light source and avoid of straining your eyes.
You have large pieces of furniture or a library, a large TV stand or anything just not envy adding to your space... invisible and indirect lighting can give change.

Side light offers LED Banner stickers and ready to use. These come in various sizes and can even using a remote control, allow you to choose the desired temperature color and light intensity. At night, this type of fixture will complete your lighting and bring a calm and serene atmosphere to your home.


How to find the lamp of your dreams.

Whatever your style, contemporary, design, or more classic, you will find among our different categories of lamps, lighting suitable for your tastes, your needs and your budget.
How do your research?
We have arranged our catalogue in different categories, luminaires for interiors, exteriors, LED lights...
Each category consists of subcategories: all wall lights, ceiling lights, quiet fans...
Once the subcategory is selected, it is possible using the choice by criteria (on the left of the page) to sort according to your need.
Example, you search a lamp for your bathroom.
You can among other things, determine the colour, diameter, and the IP that this lamp rating must have.


You want quality, brands and new fixtures and not counterfeit?

Side light offers new products brand for all budgets and all your desires.

In order to satisfy you, we look for collections of lamps at all prices, but in response to a guarantee of quality. That's why we offer no vulgar copies or of doubtful import, we rely on our suppliers!
All the brands we offer meet EU standards which gives a European 2 years warranty. This guarantee covers hidden defects and risks of non-compliance, from the receipt of your order, the guarantee takes effect.

We also offer some lamps designed by hand and brands.


Mixing business with pleasure!
Illuminate your outside allows you to showcase your home while her securing.

In addition to the convenience of lighting at the start of your home, it can also secure.

It is now possible to have wall appliques, terminals or spotlights with movement detector. The idea is not to place a detector on all of your outdoor lighting, but to automatically illuminate the places of passage or sensitive areas, at the time where you need light. The outbreak of a light in the driveway of the House when you arrive the evening, a small path to the front door, a wall mounted on the wall facing you garden...

The fact lighting by detection of movement your House can also deter an intruder in your absence and allow to warn your neighbors for a presence on your property during your holiday.


What type of bulb to choose for my garden lights or the front of the House?

Today, most of the outdoor luminaires are equipped with LED bulbs, which allows to keep lighting your decorative lights in the evening without worrying about your Bill at the end of the month.
Equipped with LED lamps are more often called retro fit, this means that the LED can be changed. Manufacturers have understood the concerns of the consumers compared to the issue of how do when the LED dies, should I replace the lamp?
As for a conventional bulb, it is now possible with the brands of lights to replace only the LED of the lamp module.


What do you want to put in front of your House?

There are many solutions of luminaires for outdoor ranging from enlightening applies it downstairs and upstairs for your façade to the terminals or bollards for your House entry. We can distinguish them in several large families.


External appliques:

We highlight the lighting of a home must be functional, but it would be simplistic to leave it at that. By placing an external applique on your front, you're going to dress up your home and enhance your home.
For the choice of this luminaire type, it is important to define what use should have the wall, is this simply a bright point close to a front door and if this luminaire must be equipped with a motion sensor or not. Do you want a single lamp above the door or would you rather have two lights on the right and left of your entrance door? Finally, why not combine business with pleasure.

The test should never neglect is the quality of the lamp you choose, it is sometimes easier to direct its budget to the lamps for your home, but it should be understood that your outdoor lighting will be exposed to all the bad weather, rain, Sun, Frost and snow...

Whether your home is contemporary or classic, it is possible today to illuminate your outdoor with luminaires meet the new standards of quality, environment and LED technology.


The terminals or bollards:

The family of the lamps on foot looms large in your outdoor landscaping. Post or terminal, it will define the contours of your House and put in the evening highlight obstacles.
Punctuate the steps at the entrance of the House or the stairs leading to the garden, light terminals will secure around your House and bring light and depth to your exterior.
Just like your sconces, the choice of the right material is important if you want to give permanence to your lights. For the choice of the light source, we can only advise you to use the new technologies made up of LED module. More efficient in terms of energy, the new bulbs LED consumes up to 90% less.


The recessed spots:

Invisible day, recessed spots create the atmosphere in the evening.
Mainly used to mark your exterior, recessed placed in series spot marks the path without dazzling. It can be also be placed along a wall or a front to bring out its aesthetics, located at the foot of a tree or a statue, it will create a beautiful atmosphere that will bring out its beauty.

Even if they require a little preparation for their facilities because they must be embedded in a terrace or slabs of House, the effort will make the result even prettier!

Whether round or square, the spot recessed outdoor harmonizes with all buildings and totally blend into the décor.


The lamps to ask:

What will be careful as criteria for an outdoor lamp.

It is very important to get your attention at your choice of fixtures for the outside to look at the index of protection or IP.

The index of protection will inquire about the tightness of the lamps from a liquid or a solid.

You will find on the lamps 'IP' two letter and two numbers, for example: IP44. The first digit indicates the protection against ingress of solids and the second digit indicates the protection against the penetration of the liquid body.

All lamps must not have the same index, the index needed will depend on the location or you want to place the luminaire.
If it is a spot that is embedded on the floor, the protection index will be higher than a ceiling light that will be placed on a ceiling illuminating a terrace.

For a better understanding, I invite you to consult the table in the following link: IP RATING

It is also important to know the area where you want to place the luminaires.  Because the place will determine the area in which your design luminaire should be composed.

If your House is located by the sea, special attention will be made from materials that do not support marine corrosion (Salt Sea) at the risk of having to change your outside lights prematurely.

To facilitate your research, we put the pictures on our outdoor lamps a seaside logo.
You may have guessed, choosing the right lamp for your outside is very important, that is why we remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.


Our commitments.


Best prices on the net:

We analyze daily more than 10,000 items to offer you our lamps at the best price of the market.

On each product page you will find a discount applied directly on the manufacturer's suggested price. This discount is displayed as a percentage in a red square, allowing you to know the new price adjustment and the gain.


Satisfied or refunded:

Upon receipt of your order, and if it does not fit your expectations, you have 120 days to return it and no penalty except for the expenses of return.
How to proceed?  
Just write us a mail to us warn of your choice and we will send you a label by mail. The parcel must be deposited in a collection point of type Mondial Relay or to the post office, depending on the size of the package.

The reception of the parcel, the product or the order will be refunded.


All our deliveries are guaranteed in case of loss or damage:

All our packages leaving from our warehouse are guaranteed and insured for transport, the costs in case of loss or breakage will be entirely taken at our expense.
Through the awkwardness of a driver, the ordered product is delivered damaged or broken, we replace you as quickly as possible.
Be serene, you won't have to pay anything! 


Secure payments:

At the payment of your order, the full price will be due.
This price includes your products and the transport service.

We offer several payment methods.

By credit card:
Are accepted cards Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. The amount directly debited upon confirmation of the order.

Payment in 4 times: it is also possible to pay for your order in 4 times with the paying agency CB4X Bank Casino.

By bank transfer:
It is possible to pay for your order by bank transfer. When you post by bank transfer, you will receive our bank details by e-mail in order to validate your order.
The receipt of payment, your order will be validated.


We're here to help:

You have found the lamp which you please, but you're not certain (e) she would suit your home or your garden. You saw on the internet a product and ask yourself if we can get it at the best price?

You just want to help to make your choice in our catalog?
Having a difficulty or you simply want to support by telephone to finalize your order?

We are here to help you in your research or your applications and professional and motivated consultants are available by phone or e-mail.

Side light is a living internet showcase and we are always present for any of your questions.

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